Thursday, April 11, 2019

The Joy of Missing Out


The days of me wanting to be out and about is quickly dwindling down. I remember when I wanted to be doing something every single weekend and I could not fathom just sitting around at home. I really enjoyed road trips and visiting all our friends and families whenever possible.

Now when I look at our calendar I get a bit annoyed when I see that we have to be away from home. Granted, a lot of that comes from living in another state from our friends and families; and while I really love seeing friends and family … I am at this stage where I also really love being at home.

We’ve been in our home for almost five years now and there are still things to be done and to be honest, I’d really like to spend our weekends doing things around our house.

I’m trying to get more people to visit us versus us always doing the traveling. I also understand that most of the people we visit have small kiddos which makes road trips a little less ideal … but I’m going to be throwing that option out a lot more now.

We’ve also become very insistent of having at least 1-2 weekends at home. I love the town we live in and I want to be able to do things here. I enjoy my farmer market mornings when the weather is nicer, I enjoy date nights at our favorite restaurants, I enjoy taking our dogs on long walks and I enjoy waking up leisurely on Saturday mornings and making breakfast together at home. I just don’t really want to be on the road every weekend.

Of course, this doesn’t make for very exciting blog or Instagram posts but I don’t even mind that anymore. I’m becoming less and less interested in social media. Just give me a good book and my shows on Netflix and I’m good to go. Do you find yourself feeling the same way as you’ve gotten older? It's actually pretty great to me that I no longer suffer from the FOMO (Fear of Missing Out).


  1. No- LOL! HOWEVER I work at home, I've been "trapped" with a newborn for weeks. - so I'm legit ALWAYS here these days. It's a blessing to work form home, but on the weekends I want to be OUT OF THE HOUSE and mingling with friends and family. --- when I did work in the office, there were times I just wanted to relax at home and get things done. I've never been a homebody or good at relaxing though.

    Maybe just plan a road trip to see family/friends once a month ? or have them come to YOU more often. If your desire is for slower weekends and being more leisure , than that's what you should do.

    Yes, I care less and less about social media as I get older. I like Instagram, but I refuse to over think content or cohesive photo edits for likes and follows. It doesn't really MEAN anything - it's just ego stroking and attention really. I try to just use it, because I enjoy other peoples photography and I like to take pictures. Facebook only exists for me still so I can share pictures of the kids with family and get photography clients in Spring and Autumn.

    1. Hahahaha to your No!

      Well, I definitely understand why you don't want to be at home right now. I still want to be out of the house for the most part but just don't want to be on the road. I want to wake up on the weekends in my bed and at home.

      Yeah, that's what I plan on doing. Having friends and family visit us more often. I like having people over so I'm hoping this works.

      Yeah, social media is annoying me lately. I wish their was a way to enjoy images on my phone without all the extra-ness.

  2. I feel you. There is a joy and contentment to missing out and just living your joyful boring life! I get it!!!!

    1. Completely! I feel so content with just being still lately.

  3. We literally have the exact sentiments. I enjoy every bit of my home, even the diy projects that haven't been brought to completion yet. I don't want or need to be out and about every single weekend. Typically, I enjoy spending my Sundays at home and like to reserve that day just for me.

    I totally get it. And I'm beginning to be must less apologetic about it.

    1. I love my Sundays the exact way you do. And yes! I completely don't feel bad about it either.

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