Monday, May 27, 2019

Spring been sprung


By this time, these gorgeous flowers have fallen and have now become a part of the earth. But I can’t let these pictures go to waste, ya know. Lately, I've had no desire to blog but I still have lots to blog about.

I've decided that even if the posts is months and months behind, I'll post them when I actually get the desire.
Luckily, I don't believe that anyone is pressing refresh on my blog so I don't feel too guilty either.

I usually suffer from hardcore allergies but (knock on wood) I’ve been in the clear so far this year. I’ve had to pop some allergy medicine, here and there, but not nearly as much as I usually do this time of year.
I don’t trust that it will remain this way but I sure hope it does.

On this day, Sean and I went out for some fresh air after I had gotten home from a lunch date with Cinthia. The weather was absolutely perfect and it was so nice to walk around and take in the gorgeous sights. I’m making sure to do this more often where I just go out to enjoy nature as it is something I admit that I don’t think I do enough of.

IMG_0818 IMG_0821


IMG_0830 IMG_0841


IMG_0835 IMG_0836


IMG_0851 IMG_0850


IMG_0877 IMG_0875


IMG_0891 IMG_0892


How is spring treating you thus far? Suffering from seasonal allergies? Tell me something you’re looking forward to this spring!
Happy Monday! ♥


  1. That's a beautiful picture of Sean walking the dogs.
    I'm looking forward to holding my granddaughter. It's a happy time and a stressful time for new mothers. I like to be the hands and feet for new mothers - that's my heart. I've realized this over time as I remember that stage of my life. I was tired most of the time, trying to enjoy the newness each child brought. I welcomed any hands on support I received. (didn't mean to share all of this but its on my mind).
    As usual, your pictures are beautiful. One of the things we learn in life as we get older is that we can take the pressure off. I'm learning this myself even as I blog.
    I've never been a seasonal allergy sufferer, though I think I've had a mild form of allergies all my life. I've gotten better at pinpointing when its an allergy vs a cold. Have a wonderful week.

    1. Thank you! I love it too and planning to frame it :)

      So, so exciting! You are going to be an amazing grandmother.

      Yes, life is already full of pressure so truly no reason to add any that isn't necessary!

  2. These look so amazing. I've been toying with the idea of planting a tree like this (because our neighbors have one), but I don't have an idea of where to put it. LOL!

    I used to strictly be a fall favorite type of person. But now since I have my garden and both a Spring and Fall person. And luckily, I'm not allergic to pollen so I can actually spend all day outside if desired.

    1. When you figure out where to put it def. plant one! I want to plan one but Sean is not on board, lol. He says they don't last long enough.

      I use to be strictly fall too! Spring would def be a favorite if my allergies behaved herself. Luckily a few pills here and there and it isn't too bad.

  3. These photos are beautifullll - as are you! Well despite how long you take to post your other stuff, I REALLY REALLY hope you post about your trip to Africa.

    1. Thank you so much! I'm so going to work on it ... I actually posted my first post of Ghana! I plan on blogging the whole trip and then working backwards, lol.

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