Sunday, May 23, 2010


The hubs and I are proud crazies of Lost! I mean, we are so proud that we wanted to have a Lost party for the finale & S was going to dress like Sayid. It was going to be great until we realized that the next day we would have to go to work. With sad faces, that plan was quickly thrown out the window.

We are getting geared up! We have food, yummy drinks and Kleenex (for the hubs, of course, hahahaha ;)). There is not even enough words to say that we cannot wait!

I am so ready for all my questions to be answered (i so hope they are) but so sad that the most well written show on television (minus Sex and The City) will be over after today. Hmm, maybe they will move to the big screen like SATC. Don't judge me, I can hope.

I hope some of my followers are also crazy fanatics! Here's to getting our questions answered while we sit at the edge of our couches!

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