Monday, May 24, 2010

Good things about Spring ...

Minus my horrible allergies, I really love Spring. I love the weather and I love how it makes flowers bloom. Take my front lawn for instance. Do you remember when I posted how the hubs and I worked on our front lawn. If you don't remember look here! They are growing! I can't wait to see when the flowers are in full bloom! To be honest, I think some of them actually need a trim but I have no clue how to do that. Aaaah, the fun things I get to do in a few weeks!

Look @ how pretty they are becoming!

Aaah, looks like the hubs planted that one to the right a lil bit crooked :)

How can I keep the pink bush from attacking the green bush?

See! They look like they need a trim badly!


  1. Oh you have such lovely blooms! I wouldn't know how to maintain/trim them either- I can hardly keep basil alive ;)

  2. I do kinda miss the weather in the states right now...the only season i'm experiencing is HOT and HUMID!


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