Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Wedding Wednesday - Me and Him

I think I've kept my fabulous friends waiting long enough. Time to suck it up and pull out my disc full of wedding pictures. I had to go through a lot of boxes to find them. I hope you appreciate the stress I went through. I keeeeed, I mean, I kiiiiiiiiid.

Now the part you are waiting for, at least I hope you've been anticipating this post, hehe ;)

And since it can get a bit mushy watching two people hopelessly in love, I've decided to add a picture that I still wonder about and a picture with our lil party members. That always add a little bit of something to make it a little less mushy! ;)


  1. lovely pictures!!! you two are too cute~ :)

  2. Lovely wedding photos!! Your dress was so pretty and your husband looked sharp! Love you guys' expressions, you are a hot looking couple! Wishing you both a long, wonderful marriage!

  3. You beautiful woman you!
    i love your dress. you look amazing!



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