Tuesday, June 22, 2010

My bestie is getting married!

I've known Jihae ever since I was a sophomore and she was a freshman. We were friends right away. We had so much in common and had such a great time together. After college, you sometimes have this fear that things will change but no matter the distance or the months we can go without a phone call, we just pick up right where we left off.

I am writing this post and have a smile on my face because I am just thinking of the many times Jihae told me she would never marry. Never say never. Now one of my gorgeous, gorgeous best friends will be tying the knot with an incredibly amazing person. I am so happy for her and cannot wait to share her special day with her as well as planning. I will be the best bridesmaid that's for sure, lol.

I was looking through pictures and it made me so happy to realize that so many years later (9 years to be exact) she is still such an important part of my life.

I can't get over how young we were here.

Look at her absolutely fabulous ring and just how completely gorgeous she is!

Paul and Jihae I wish you both nothing but happiness in your future lives together! Congrats!

p.s. can't wait for your bach party in the Caribbean!!! ;)


  1. OMG FAITH! you are such a sweetheart. Thanks for putting me on your post and also for always being a good friend over the years. I luv u and I cannot wait till I have you as a bridesmaid in my wedding. it'll be so much fun!

  2. Congrats to your friend! That is one HUGE diamond and a gorgeous ring!

  3. such a cute couple...and that ring is smashing!

  4. i know! her ring is fabulous! in love with it myself!

  5. And Jihae, of course! I adore you!

  6. aww.. thanks everyone! i love you too, Faithy!!!


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