Thursday, June 24, 2010

.What's going on with you Faith?.

***(Since I never gave a weekend recap, I figured I could do it now since I am watching the hubs pack and honestly, I am pretty bored)***


We are almost settled in. I still have some a lot of clothes hanging in our old apartment's closet and we have to clean it before we hand in our keys. It is a bit of a sad feeling because that apartment holds many memories for us but that sadness is nothing compared to how satisfying it is to have our own house to call home now.

We are still living out of boxes but I am hoping that this weekend I will be able to get a lot unpacked and organized. The hubs will be in Montreal for a bachelor party so I'll get to do things the way we I want. Yup, it will be Faithy time all weekend! :)

Sunday morning, Sean cooked for the first time in our house. It was actually kinda exciting. It was only eggs and turkey sausage but there was something different about it. Maybe it was because we used our fine china for the first time. Don't judge us, everything else was in boxes. Either way it was exciting and we haven't cooked since. I might change that this weekend and make myself a killer seafood meal since the hubs hates seafood.

I was also so excited to go out and buy a bunch of flowers to put into our vase. It's kinda corny the things I look forward to lately! :)

My little sister came to visit us and she and the hubs fought over the big chair. She won.

She loves to pretend she doesn't like the camera. Hmmm, maybe I wouldn't either if someone kept snapping pictures of me when I wasn't ready. Oh well. She has her pose right.

Yup, you're seeing things right. Your eyes aren't playing tricks on you. That's our wheelchair accessible ramp that my little sista is standing on. This is going to be a big project soon. I can't wait to bring out cold lemonade for the hubs while he takes it down. It is going to turn our tiny backyard into a small backyard. Hey! Small is better than tiny!

Oh and we bought a brand new spanking car.

That was last weekend in a nutshell.


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  2. eggs, turkey sausage, flowers and a new car...dang, thats a huge weekend! :)

  3. thanks for visiting my blog! where in Ghana are your parents from? I was in Accra .... love love love it there! :0) congrats on the new house! I remember those days of excitement as a newly married couple decorating your very first house. have fun!!! :0)

  4. they are from Kumasi! Accra is beautiful! i love it there!

    it's a blast! thanks! :)


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