Thursday, July 22, 2010

how he shows he adores me

Do you ever stare at your husband with a smile on your face because it makes you so happy to know he is there? So happy to realize that there is a person who thinks you are absolutely perfect and kisses the ground you walk on. So happy that there is another person in the world who thanks their lucky star that they found you because you (as corny as it sounds) complete them.

*I love how he apologizes even when I'm wrong.
*I love how he eats what I make even if it tastes like crap.
*I love how he tells me how gorgeous I am even though he knows I've put on weight.
*I love how he laughs at my jokes even when I am not really funny.
*I love when I pronounce a word wrong he doesn't look at me weird, he knows this is normal.
*I love that he will go shopping with me for hours even though he would rather be at home watching tv.
*I love that he goes to church with me and enjoys it.
*I love that he loves God & has bible studies with me every night.
*I love that he doesn't watch scary movies when we're home together because he knows it freaks me out.
*I love that he always vacuums because I am allergic to dust.
*I love that he loves me, with all my faults and all.

I could go on on and it kinda made me think for a second. How do I show him I adore him? I know that I adore him but sometimes I am more concerned with the fact that he didn't do the dishes after I cooked dinner for him, didn't clean the cat's litter on the weekend even though the agreement is that he does it on the weekend or that he didn't do the laundry. Sometimes I am so concerned with what he didn't do that I don't stop to think of all the amazing things he does do.

I want him to know how much I adore him just like the way I know and, well, saying it is not good enough. I am going to show him because he deserves it even when I didn't have the best day. Why? Because I love my husband and I want him to always know.


  1. So true! When you gotta good guy it's so important to make that effort to gloss over what they didn't do sometimes and just focus on how wonderful they are.

  2. that's so sweet. it's true that sometimes i tend to think of what he didn't do (like going shopping with me haha) rather than what he does. love this post!

  3. I loved this post and can so relate to the emotions you were feeling as you wrote it. Love is a beautiful thing and Marriage solidifies that love in a way that's difficult to explain.

    PS - i REALLY like your blog, stumbled upon it and started reading cuz you look so much like an ex-girlfriend of my brothers that we all loved. maybe i've actually written this before....ah well. keep it up!

  4. AWESOME POST! I really dig how you love your husband! He's a really blessed man to have such an expressive, devoted, loving wife. He's found a good thing.

    Everything on your list is exactly on my list of loves about my husband!! All except we don't have Bible study every night, but on Mondays. And I am also writing a post about my hubs too!!! My point will be on respect. God bless you both!!

  5. Awww Faith- amazing thoughts! You two are blessed to have eachother :)

  6. such a great's my list:

  7. I love love love this post. I was just thinking the same thing last night. You never really hear about the good in a relationship because no one complains when they are happy. Good for you lady. Keep up that spirit.

  8. great post...aaawwww I love being married...

  9. so happy that so many of you loved this post! it is beautiful being married to amazing men!

  10. This is a sweet post :) Sounds like a match made in heaven! :D Have a great weekend.

  11. I just found your blog and I adore it! I'm your 50th follower!! Sounds like you found yourself a keeper! XOXO

  12. Marriage is a beautiful thing and I agree with Sassy wifey. You don't hear about the good in a marriage. Thank you for posting this and reminding the world that marriage is beautiful.

  13. girl, you found a keeper! :) congrats!
    reni @ my so-called life


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