Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Wedding Wednesday - Going to the Chapel

I can't believe that it is almost 9 months that we have been married. I feel like just yesterday I was still deciding on what jewerly & shoes to buy. Time flies when you are loving your husband!

I had 8 gorgeous ladies stand by me on my wedding day. But to spare you all their walks down the aisle, I just picked 3 ...

Look @ our happy my lil sister looks. Guess I wasn't a bridezilla! ;)

My ringbearer held the pillow like a brief case. I think someone forgot to tell him how to hold it & that there would be people watching him while he walked.

It's my time! My parents walked me down the aisle.

I spy Sean smiling at me.

We had our parents pray over our marriage

i giggled

we did God's Knot

& the hand ceremony

my girls feet hurt & they wondered when the ceremony would be over

beauty is pain. that's my motto.

You may kiss the groom. YES!

We're married. Planning is over. You're mine forever, sucker!

My lovelies finally rest their feet

And the hubs makes sure the license is signed. This thing is going to be legal & Faith can't change her mind! ;)

We are finally married. The best day EVER!


redwhitebride said...

beautiful!!!! :) :)

Dana said...

Like the fact that you allowed your bridesmaids to pick their own shoes. I did to as long as they could be dyed the same color. I think that they made it a competition.

Frugalista said...


ruthy ann said...

GORGEOUS...Faith you are a beauty!

JIN said...

What a gorgeous wedding - you looked stunning - I can feel the love oozing out of the photos

Sweet Peas and Seashells by Michelle said...

Congrats Faith ;) Can you believe it's almost been a year since we were planning on PW?! Wow!

Ms. Emily Ann said...

Looks like a perfect day <3 You were a gorgeous bride and I LOVE your shoes! Pain is beauty :)

A Bit Of Mayhem said...

I agree. Time goes by sooo fast. It's been a little over a year for me. I'm already thinking about what we are going to do for our five year anniversary!

Btw, you both look great and so very happy. Congratulations.

Faith said...

you all make a girl feel so good! best followers in the world!

Eve said...

Faith, everything looks so perfect! You both looked sooooo beautiful together, and your parents too! Love the colors you went with, and so many people were there to witness this wonderful event. May you both continue to grow more and more in love with each other each and every day!

Monique said...

Hi I'm new to your blog. Congrats Newlywed. These photos are great. I really like that you had both of your parents walk you down the aisle. You look gorgeous and your bridesmaid dresses are fab! I'm getting married in 9months. We are planning planning planning.

glassdolls said...

Your dress was obscenly and fantastically GORGEOUS! I am very baised to my wedding dress, but honey, you looked AWESOME!I love your blog by the way. Totally saving it :-)