Friday, January 18, 2013

Would it surprise you if I told you that ....

Sometimes I feel I share too much on this blog.

Some of my blog friends know a lot more about what's going on in my life than some of my IRL friends.

After reading the comments on my last post, I felt this kind of peace take over me. There are many of you who feel the same way but then there were many of you who basically said not to let the fear take away from the gift that children are. And then this post that Heather wrote after reading my post, well, let's just say that I can't explain what I felt. Thank you all so much! Sean even said that I shouldn't let the great advice y'all gave go to waste, ha.

I hardly ever listen to my voicemails.

I don’t return my phone calls within 24 hours. Actually more than that but I'm not keeping count of the hours/days.

If I see a number that I don’t recognize calling me, I press the ignore button.

If I see that number call me again I pick up and say in the sternest voice possible “REMOVE ME FROM YOUR CALLING LIST!”

Once it was an actual friend who was trying to give me her new number.

I love to cook but I hate to do the dishes.

I love clean clothes but I hate to do the laundry.

I always end up doing the dishes and the laundry because I love clean clothes and to cook more than I actually hate doing laundry and the dishes.

My choice of beverage (if we can even call it that) is water.

The reason it might be my choice of beverage is because it was the only thing we did not have to ask permission to have when we were younger. (when I say we, I mean my sisters and I)

I get annoyed when I hear that some people do not get the day off for Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. It is such an important part of our history but I digress.

I HATE that some people do not believe in farting in private.

I prefer wearing jeans over dresses.

When I’m mad I flip my ring finger because it makes me feel like I flipped my middle finger.

When I go grocery shopping I don’t purchase anything placed in the front because the second or third item is so much better.

Sean calls me his mint chocolate chip and I love it.

It kinda makes me feel like I’m Irish too ;).

Sooooo anything you want to share that may surprise me. Bonus points if it is hilarious.

Happy Friday!
xoxo ♥


Married...with a Pup said...

Oh my these are hilarious! Ok I've got one for you: would it surprise you that it drives me crazy when people take their food out of the microwave before the time is up and do not clear it. Gah I hate when I walk in the kitchen and instead of saying the time it's flashing how many seconds are left. Really?!? Lol. Anyway have a wonderful weekend, Faith!

Angela said...

I love this!! I am so bad at returning calls and text messages too! However I LOVE doing dishes weird, I know lol xx

JJ said...

This is a fun post. I never check voicemails either. I wait till I have 22-30 voicemails before I check them.

My beverage of choice is water also. I don't understand when people tell me they hate to drink water. so strange to me.

I NEVER EVER choose the first item on the shelf. Ryan makes fun of me for grabbing the second item. Glad I'm not alone.

Have a great weekend girl!

Mrs. V said...

I don't check my vmail either, and get irrationally annoyed when someone leaves me a voice mail!

Nancy said...

I wipe the top of each can with my right butt pocket on my pants to clean it off before I open it with the can opener. Then I leave the can top on there & it drives Josh crazy.
I eat two fried egg whites with pepperocini's on the side every morning. I love salad peppers!

I'm pretty boring! I hate when my phone rings! I have loved turning our home phone off & having just cell phones!

Kathy C. said...

haha... you're so funny! Mint Chocolate Chip? Cute..!

Kathy C. said...

Oh..and Matt calls me Pinks Tuna Light... I have no idea where it came from.

Jess @ Pretty Physicist said...

Here's a few:

1) I get easily grossed out by people and their bodily functions (especially sniffing back snot ... just cringing thinking about it)

2) I get really crabby if I don't eat on a regular schedule - my blood sugar gets low and I get mildly crazy

3) I can't stand having notifications on my phone, emails in my inbox, or time left on the microwave, etc.

Life with J and J said...

I still pull the covers over my head when I sleep because somewhere in my subconscious, I think my comforter can protect me from the boogy man :-).
Hubby thinks I am nuts but it makes sense to me.

The Pink Growl said...

I love to cook too but sometimes I just bail on it because I can't stand the clean up!

AV5848 said...

Your posts are so adorable and fun to read! I love it! Enjoy your weekend!

Tenecia said...

Tommy calls me his "Hottie with a Body".

When I was in the 4th grade, I was doing the "scissors" on the monkey bars and pulled my pants down!

I hate being in front of large crowds of people and consider myself an introvert.


Kristen said...

Haha, love this!

Carlie said...

I totally pick the 2nd or 3rd item behind the first at the grocery store too. I thought I was the only person that did that, because sometimes I get some crazy looks. haha

Jennifer said...

Haha still laughing at the farting thing. And how the mint chocolate chip makes you feel irish. You're too cute! (o;

lori said...

i love that you get the 2nd or third item when shopping, i do that too! and never get the bent boxes... lol

i am SO far behind on your blog, but in reference to your last post... i completely understand how you feel, but there will always be an excuse to wait if you let there be. i think once you decide to go for it, you'll probably wonder why you were so scared in the first place. you'll be a great mama, sweet friend. and ohhhh, what beautiful babies you and sean will have!

Georgina Castellucci said...

Faith! I didn't have a chance to comment on your last post but I share the VERY SAME fear and for a long time vowed I would NEVER have children. That has since changed a bit (though I want to wait until I'm really ready and feel I've kind of traveled with my husband and explored a lot before really settling down.) Don't let anyone ever make you feel like you need to hurry things along. Keep going at your pace xo

Cece said...

Well, you already read my confessions post for the week! That should cover it LOL! I pretty much hate the phone too. I have to really make an effort to make sure I stay in contact with my mom and sisters.

Jasmine HellogmSunshine said...

Oh this is great! I think your confessions are so on point and thats cute "mint chocolate chip".. LOL.

well, would it surprise you then if my voicemail literally says, "do not leave me a voicemail, hang up and text me. If you can not text then only leave a message of who you are and I will call you back when I check these."

- my husband speaks two other languages fluently and thinks its hilarious when I try .. in my head I sound just like him? right? LOL

- no matter what time I tell my job I am going to be in, I am always 30 mins later then that. (or more).

- i get annoyed when the cleaning people in the building decide to vacuum while I am here. the noise of the vacuum itself is annoying.

hmm.. i was going to post more but I see now that maybe I need my own post to just go off in... hmm

Pegster said...

hehehehe, you are just so funny Faith. I love your blog.

- I rinse my fruits before I eat them, bizarre I know

- I don't like feet, please keep them to yourself, I don't want to touch them or anything like that

- I love nursing but I hate pumping (unfortunately I can't have one without the other being a working mom and all)

Regine Karpel said...

Too funny!

YeamieWaffles said...

I love this idea a lot Faith, I got a massive laugh out of it! It's always good to be open, there's no such thing as too much, well maybe to an extent but not this kind of too much!

Heather (GurleeGirrl) said...

I love how open and honest you are :) and you wow me all the time!

And two randoms about me -

I have worn the same sweathshirt to bed every single night since 1997. It's falling apart and shabby but I love it to death. In every Easter/Christmas morning photo I have that dumb sweatshirt on!

I had no idea there was a light in the dryer, because I have never washed clothes! And when our dryer light burned out - I thought it was crazy that we had to replace it.

Have a great weekend girly!!!

toi said...

i loved you at first hello/comment, lol. i really love your blog and you are one of the lady's i want to meet so much. I feel like we know each other or something (weird right?)

this will not surprise you but i feel awkward most times

i am a paranoid all the time

i haven't shaved my legs in ages (now everyone knows I don't shave my legs every week, lol :P

redwhitebride said...

I love this!!! A random fact about me: I get hiccups EVERY time I drink soda; it's embarrassing!

Mrs JK said...

Hahaha, nice! I have NEVER checked my voicemail.

Jane Doe said...

I have to eat Jello or pudding with a plastic spoon.

I genuinely like my cat more than several of my relatives.

I always look in my tissue after I blow my nose. (I have no idea why).

Nellie @ Brooklyn Active Mama said...

My hubs calls me a fish because of all the water I drink and I actually never check voicemails I recently went in and deleted like 12 unheard voicemails from last year smhhh

K&R said...

i love all of these.
i feel like i know you more now.
and i agree with just about all of these, well al of them.
i also love water. seriously.
and i hate doing the dishes after cooking, and we don't have a dishwasher, so it takes so long.
i do the same thing with phone calls, if they don't leave a voicemail i don't respond ever.
mlk is one of my favorite holidays (nothing beats christmas)
i feel like i'm a grandma in a young persons body. i have old people joints, i can't stay up late, and i get grouchy. haha.


lil miss Sauniya' said...

wow this was a really fun and interesting read..
See, the part about not listening your voicemail would kill me because am always to scared it might be really important if the caller bothered to leave a message.
On cooking and clean clothes.. so me :P.. I dont like doing dishes or laundry either.
now I feel like I know a lil more about you.. just a lil :P =)

LWLH said...

Voicemails are the bane of my existence. I hate when that little icon comes on my phone.

morgan at said...

we are alike in a lot of ways!!
i do not like voicemails at all, nor do i answer calls i don't know!!

Ashley said...

haha i love that you pick the 2nd or 3rd item at the sister does this! and i never listen to voicemails either girl! i'm a total texter!

Carolyn said...

Love this post! I'm totally a jeans girl, and COMPLETELY and wholeheartedly think that everyone should get MLK day off too. But we don't. Stupid.

Mint chocolate chip. Adorable. :)