Sunday, June 1, 2014

Spring Date Nights

So the mister is home this weekend and because I just saw him last weekend it didn't feel like we were separated for too long.

Date nights in the spring and summer, I feel are so much more enjoyable because being able to eat outdoors is one of my favorite things to do.

We planned to have dinner Saturday evening at another restaurant but while driving Friday evening we passed Molinari and decided that there was where we would have dinner Saturday evening.

I'm so glad we did because the food was incredible! It was so light (perfect for the weather, their menu changes based on the season) that we actually got dessert. This doesn't happen often because sometimes we just don't have room for it. Some parts of the menu is in complete Italian but they had words translated on the bottom in English. It was quite comical to us how dumb we are but our server was awesome and in the end helped us decide on what we wanted to eat. The food and service was impeccable and I can't wait to go again to try more of their menu.

Please excuse the fact that I'm posing in front of bathing suits. But this dress, I intend to wear all Spring and Summer.

IMG_4894 IMG_4896
{Dress: Forever 21 // Sandals & Earrings: Aldos // Purse: Coach, gift from Sean for getting a job, lol}

IMG_4864 IMG_4874
Neapolitan Margherita Pizza
Wild Alaskan Halibut
Chocolate Chip Cannoli Gelato
When we were driving to our second location of the evening we spotted this hot air balloon. Although, I was rather far away I had to snap a picture because it is not often that I see a hot air balloon. When I was younger I always wanted to go up in one and now that I'm older the thought of me being in one makes me hyperventilate. It's amazing how age changes things. Maybe one day, I'll fulfill that childhood dream.



  1. You look beautiful as usual my dear. The restaurant look very classic and the food look delicious. I love Italian food as well.

  2. Yes to that dress!!!! Girl you look uber gorge! I can't with you yanno! I just can't! Ya too sexy!

    Food looks delish! You just know how to make my mouth water. I swear if I'm ever in your town, you'll be my breakfast, lunch & dinner buddy. Oh, Sean can tag along too :D


  3. Love this dress! I'm glad u got to go out this weekend!!!!

  4. You look beautiful as always. Your dress is perfect! I have to admit that I'm not so sure id like to ride in one as much as I used to.

  5. You are looking GREAT Faith, and so is that :)

  6. That dress is awesome and the food looks delicious! Glad the mister is home more often.

  7. Love your personality, its so warm and fun.

  8. Love the dress! Also love how spontaneous you and Sean are!
    Sounds like an awesome restaurant. What dessert did you get?

    1. Just re read. You split the gelato :-). I never share desserts. Bad sweet tooth. I need to do better :-).

  9. I love that you too always have date nights. :) So important! And that bread looks fabulous... I love good bread with seasoned olive oil.

  10. I agree, summer date nights are the best! You look so pretty!

  11. Ahh date nights! They seriously are the best. You look amazing!

    And I've always wanted to go in a hot air balloon. It definitely has not changed for me.

  12. That dress looks so airy and comfortable. I'd wear it every day too. That Pizza and the ice cream look so good. Hope it's not too long before you see him next.

  13. I love dining outdoors, too! Definitely one of the best things about spring and summer! I am afraid of heights a lot of the time, but I still want to go up in a hot air balloon if I can work up the courage.

  14. That halibut looks so wonderful! I am with you on the hot air balloons... we have a ton of them around here (wine country), but I have no desire to go up in one! haha

  15. I'm glad you got another fun date night! Also, I LOVE that dress. So much that I think I will buy it for myself!!

  16. Restaurants that have season menus tend to be some of the best. Your food and drinks (and dessert) all look and sound amazing.
    As for your dress - LOVE!!!!

  17. your dress is tooooo cute!! this looks like so much fun :)

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  19. You look beautiful!
    The colors of your dress look so good on you!
    Love your outfit :)
    Awesome blog <3

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  20. you look absolutely lovely!
    xo Jessica

  21. What a wonderful date night!! So happy the weather is being good to you both and the new restaurant was so fantastic :)
    Have a great week Faith xo

  22. Wow, the menu is cool. I'm guessing that is showing what area each dish originated? I like that! Italian food.... yum!

  23. Honey you look too cute in that dress! I love your smile!!! The food looks delicious and I want that chocolate chip cannoli gelato, it sounds and looks so good!


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