Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Musikfest 2014.

Annually, Musikfest is held in our town for one week.

Musicians (big names, small names, no names) arrive and perform their hearts out.
It is a pretty big deal because people from all over attend and during that week traffic is horrible.
I was stuck in traffic for 45 minutes all that week. Fun, fun. Okay, not really..

But Musikfest was!

We went last Friday night and Saturday evening.
Friday night, I did not take any pictures because I forgot to take my camera. And these pictures are not too good because I was walking and snapping which is not ideal, so I apologize if some of these photos are not in focus.


{Watching a performance - It was neat because everywhere you turned there is/was a band performing for free!}


I think I should let you know that I also fell in love. With corn..
I'm telling you it was the best corn I've ever tasted in my life.

Although we went to Musikfest on Friday I purposely went again on Saturday because I really, really wanted this corn!

The corn is basically brushed with some butter, then sprinkled with paprika and parmesan cheese.
You can add extra paprika and parmesan cheese if you want.
Best believe I did. I'm serious, so, so good. Too bad that I have to wait a whole year to taste that deliciousness again!

Also, this makes me laugh because usually I would go for the funnel cake and cotton candy but this time it was for corn.


They were awesome, wish I could remember their band's name.
They had us all dancing which is very hard not to do when you hear some sweet reggae.


After all the walking about and enjoying music we took a break for dinner.
I had an amazing lobster ravioli that I want to eat right now.


And then it was back to enjoy some more bands until dark.
This is the first time in forever that I REALLY don't want summer to end.


  1. Looks like a fun fest! Great photos as always :)

  2. I wish I was there! I love stuff like this, and I would have bought so many dreamcatchers from that booth, and corn! I wish it wasnt so hot here, or else I would totally do indulging in outdoorsy type stuff like this! And that food made my mouth water...

  3. I love roasted or grilled corn. Yum!!! I live seeing your smiling faces!

  4. That looks so fun!! That corn is huge!

  5. Right up my alley! This event sounded like a lot of fun! I know what you mean about that carnival/festival corn...SO GOOD!

  6. Looks like an amazing time. I had some corn made like that not too long ago and it was BEYOND delicious!!!

    You are not alone in not wanting summer to end. I'm so dreading seeing winter come.

  7. That corn sounds DELICIOUS! Parmesan + paprika sounds like a heavenly combo. I want to try making that at home this summer!

  8. I just want that huge corn you are holding in your hand. That is all :)

  9. Sounds like fun! I would love to give that corn a try.

  10. Sounds like fun!! I love corn just regular so I can only imagine how delicious it was with extras. We have something similar here. I absolutely cannot remember what it's called right now though.

  11. Mm mm mmm that corn looks amazing! - and now I'm hungry. lol

  12. That corn does look good! I want to try....

  13. (Note to self - don't read Faith's blog when hungry = NOW STARVING!!!) (I don't even like corn, but you make it sound yummy!)HAHAHAHA!!

    I obviosuly need to find a good festival to go to, as it looks like I'm missing out on all the yumminess and fun!

  14. Looks like you all had a great time. You captured the atmosphere and that pizza right there...looks delicious!

  15. Town festivals are the best. it makes summer seem that much more magical.
    Oooh, that sweet corn with butter, paprika, and parmesan? Sounds like heaven. May have to try and recreate that myself!!

  16. Hi Faith. I wish I had been there with you guys. It looks like you two had a blast... :)

  17. How fun! They have that corn at a lot of trucks in Minneapolis, too, and I don't blame you one bit for going back a second day!

  18. this makes me SO happy and a little bit sad (we were SO close to seeing each other)!! soon!! promise!
    isn't it so much fun, there?!
    the food is amazing!! i'm still dreaming about that corn, haha!

  19. Sounds like so much fun. Listening to bands, eating good food, and dancing always makes for the best time. Girl, that corn looks and sounds GOOD. Now my stomach is growling.


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