Wednesday, September 10, 2014

South Beach Numero Dos

For years, we continued to tell Eric and Colleen that they had to make a trip to South Beach but it went through one ear and out the other. And when they finally decided to listen and book it this year, Eric got a hold of Sean to see if we would book the trip with them. Sean told him that we wouldn't be able to make it because he was not sure how his new work schedule was going to be when he got back from Texas. Of course I was disappointed that I would not be able to travel with Colleen but I understood and did not make a big stink about it.

Sean being the sneaky amazing husband that he is booked the trip without my knowledge and when I went to visit him in San Antonio he presented me with a card. Inside the card was our hotel and flight confirmation. To say I was surprised and overwhelmed with happiness does not completely describe it. Let's just say I said, "Are you serious?" a million times (just like when he proposed, now that I think of it) and then gave him the tightest hug he had probably ever been given in his life.

We stayed at the National Hotel which I highly recommend! We rented a car and to find parking in South Beach is hard so we had to park our car (you have to use their valet service) at the hotel which is $40 a day. That was the only thing I didn't really care about regarding the hotel.

Besides that, the hotel is beautiful and the service is good. Almost too good. At one point it was like, "It's okay, I have two hands, I can carry this bag with alcohol up to my room myself." And please forgive me, I completely forgot to take pictures of our room and the front of the hotel.

I thought I had when we checked in (because obviously that is when it is the neatest) but I did not. Boo to me.

We had a few late night drinks here
The gorgeous hotel pool
And because looking at pictures of a hotel isn't always the most fun, I'll try to make up for it with my next post.

I hope you're all having great weeks but Friday can't get here soon enough!


Jess said...

Girl you were in my neck of the woods and didnt tell me! It looks like you had a fab. time though. =)

Law_Fal said...

I love South Beach.

Whitney Cypert said...

This place looks like the perfect spot for relaxing and having a couple of drinks, which sounds amazing right now. Agree with you that Friday can't come quick enough!

Andi Ploehs said...

Just lovely.

Life with J and J said...

Girl, I already feel like I want a vacation and seeing these pictures make me feel like I NEED a vacation to South Beach! Very nice!!! You captured it so well.

Sean is awesome in my book! Love surprises like that :-D.

Angie said...

That hotel looks amazing
What a sweet surprise from the Hubby :)

Nerline Germain said...

My husband loves South Beach. This hotel is just too beautiful.

Vett Vandiver said...

this hotel looks insane!

Desiree Macke said...

Minus the $40/day parking, that place looks like the perfect little oasis!

Heather said...

How awesome that he surprised you! I would love to take a dip in that pool right now.

Cece said...

What a SWEET surprise. That is so cool that you were able to go and he surprised you with it. And what a fancy hotel!! Nice. I totally know how the room explodes into a giant mess shortly after check in.

Dee D said...

Wow, you two stayed at a really nice hotel... very chic. Your hubby is so romantic surprising you like that... :)

two birds said...

You have such a sweet man on your hands!!! And what a fun vacation! Your photos are beautiful!

Kacie Ellis said...

Awe! You have the sweetest hubby! Great pictures! Sounds like a fun time!

Andiepants said...

PS...i do not mind your hotel pics at all! I love them as a matter of fact!!!!!


Ashley R said...

Um sooooooooo sweet that he did that. <3 Awww!