Thursday, September 29, 2016



It’s so crazy to me that the year is almost over. I had some intentions for this year that I wanted to accomplish but the year started off rather rough and I ended up feeling like I lost five months of 2016 which in truth I kinda did.

We have three months left of 2016 and I want to get a few thing accomplished before it’s over.

A lot of the plans were house related but the only thing that has gotten done is our five foot fence which has been a complete dream. It has prevented Mr. Walker (fur baby) from jumping the fence and startling scaring one of our neighbors. We still have time to get our chimney swept and invest in a pellet stove for our family room downstairs so we hope to have that done in the next few months. But anything intense will sadly have to wait until next year.

Of course, another one of my goals for this year was to get in better shape but right now I’m just trying to get back into the shape that I was in prior to my surgery, etc. It hasn’t been the most fun seeing changes in my body but I’m hoping that before the year is over I’ve come to a place where I can embrace the changes. I still have to work on what I’m putting in my mouth during the week. To be honest, I'm not horrible but I think I can do better. I don’t mind so much over the weekend but there’s no reason for me to eat poorly during the week since I cook all of our meals for the week on Sundays. So before the year is over I hope that I’m at a place where I only allow myself a cheat meal on the weekend. Not cheat day, cheat meal and that the week is strictly clean eating.

Spending time with family was high on my list and that has been going great. I hope to get a few more visits in with my family before the year is over which makes me happy. Although this year, Thanksgiving may be a little different. But because I've spent so much time with them this year it doesn't break my heart too much.

As a joint thing we (Sean and I) wanted to have a certain amount of money in our savings before the year was over and I’m so pleased to say that we will be there, in fact we will be over our goal. It’s so exciting to me that we did it.

I also had our marriage on my list. And if anything this year certainly proved to us both that we are in this for the long haul. This was by far the most difficult year in our marriage because I fell ill (and I'm still grieving the loss of my mom). It wasn’t easy at all. Having to rely on someone for everything is for the birds and I’m sure Sean would have his own words about the situation. We'll have him keep those to himself ;) But man, this year, I really, really appreciate the man I married. I’m more in love with him than I’ve ever been and I feel so incredibly lucky to have him. Like I did something right to have that guy.

OK, enough of that. What about you all? What did you say you were going to get accomplished in 2016 that you have already gotten accomplished? What are things that you want to accomplish before 2016 is over? Remember it's not too late.


  1. If you meal prep but eat other things then are you still eating all the food you prepped? Just curious how that works. Glad you made your savings goal. I'm a stickler about savings. Having money in the bank always makes me feel more secure.

  2. i Can't belive how fast this year has gone. I didn't really make goals but i have guides i stick too.

    Thumbs up for making your savings goal and still enjoying life.

  3. an inspiring post. thanks for your share. I've got more important things

  4. These are some great goals you have there. This year really flew by and man you went through some crazy stuff, cheers to a new year ahead and hopefully more blissful things.

    I am just hoping to survive the first year with my baby :)

  5. This year has been cluster to say the least. I literally just looked at my calendar and said "dang I'll be 35 in 35 days." So now I feel compelled to think about some goals before the day is over. I tend to be a dork like that feel certain dates and numbers need to be commemorated lol

  6. I think the rest of my goals for 2016 is to grin and bear it. Honestly, I'm exhausted. You had such a trying year, but you made it through with your head held high. i'm proud of everything you've accomplished, and no doubt will continue to accomplish into the New Year <3


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