Thursday, October 27, 2016

birthday weekend in Atlantic City.

The very first trip I did with Sean’s parents was to Atlantic City. I remember them enjoying themselves so much that we made it a thing to do it yearly. The first few years it was for Sean’s birthday but then we wised up because anything done in February is so miserable and cold. We hadn’t gone in the last two years as (I like to say) life got in the way. I've been saying this a lot!

We had a trip planned to Vegas for January 26th this year but you all know what happened in January so that trip was cancelled. Then we had plans for Vegas in October (this month) but Sean’s step-dad was scheduled for hip surgery few days later so we decided that we'd wait until he was better that way he could really enjoy himself. Sean’s mom did not want to have another year go by without a trip together so a trip to Atlantic City for the weekend was planned. It’s an easy trip for us to make and Sean’s parents love any excuse to come see us so it was a no-brainer.

Atlantic City isn’t my absolute favorite but I always, always have a good time when I go so it’s a bit questionable why it isn’t my favorite. Maybe there’s a stigma associated with Atlantic City that I’d like to separate myself from and when I think of it, that’s not entirely fair. Atlantic City would always be the place that made me get to know the amazing people that raised my husband. And for that, Atlantic City will always have a place in my heart.

Here are some a lot of pictures of our time spent in Atlantic City on my birthday weekend.

Random pictures below taken during our road trip. You know, learning my new camera & all.

IMG_0276 IMG_0283

View from our room.


I just realized that I did not take any pictures our first day in Atlantic City. Any who, my birthday night we went to Boogie Nights and had the best time as they played only 80's and 90's the entire night. Before the night began we started with a celebratory drink.

IMG_0378 IMG_0388

We checked out the Wild Wild West at Ballys as the last time we were there it was under construction. Unfortunately, it is not as lively as it use to be which is a shame but we still enjoyed ourselves.

IMG_0300 IMG_0301
IMG_0392 IMG_0394
IMG_0363 IMG_0369

We lucked out on weather so we were able to walk the boardwalk and eat pizza outside too.

IMG_0338 IMG_0360

Sean making faces at me. He seriously makes the best faces. I should dedicate a whole blog post to his many faces, but I won't.
I kinda still want him to love me ;).


While on the boardwalk we stopped at Harrys for a fireball shot. We checked out the menu and decided that we'd do my birthday dinner there that day but Sean's mom ended up getting sick.

IMG_0347 IMG_0348

Every time we walk the boardwalk I end up taking pictures of this hookah lounge.

IMG_0425 IMG_0423

We also checked out the deserted beach.

IMG_0407 IMG_0417

We had my birthday dinner at Guy Fieri's Chophouse. Sadly, Sean's mom could hardly keep anything down the whole trip so we left her to rest in the room as she requested.

IMG_0428 IMG_0436

Our food was ridiculously good.

IMG_0467 IMG_0466

I have to say that my new camera is bringing out the old Faith. You know, the one who felt compelled to take pictures of any and everything. I'm so happy about it but Sean is probably questioning his decision making skills and wondering when would he learn?

The picture below is what he did when I asked him to smile for me. I, for one, love his decision making skills ;).


I hope that you're all having a great week and have wonderful weekends! ♥


  1. You seriously take the best pictures particularly of food :). That looks like such a fun birthday weekend. You made Atlantic City look so good ;)

  2. That is a bummer Sean's mom wasn't feeling well, but good you all got together. You guys take the best trips!

  3. Why do you make food look so good? Seriously!!! I want to reach into my screen and grab the food! YUM!!!

    Hope your mother in law is feeling better.

    And I agree. Sean makes the best faces! :-). Have a fabulous weekend!

  4. mmm hmmm still all jealous of your 6D. Your pictures are fabulous. LOL @ Sean... he secretly loves it (maybe). I'm glad you had a good time, sorry his mom was feeling a tad under the weather (hope she's okay).

  5. I seriously LOVE Atlantic City!! It will always be special to me. Hope Sean's mom has recovered well!

  6. Amazing camera quality. The city looks beautiful, never had it on my radar but i think i should now.

  7. The new camera seems to be amazing! Too bad your MIL didn't feel well, but I'm glad you had a nice weekend.

  8. Such a bummer that your MIL wasn't feeling well!
    However, your photos are always stunning, and your new camera is treating you well!!

  9. Looks like a lovely happy birthday weekend get away. I am loving the new camera footage!!!!

  10. Love this!! I love Sean's faces and I miss you guys!❤️


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