Monday, November 21, 2016

Message in the Sky.

Three weekends ago, my parent’s church held a one year memorial service for my mom. I was not thrilled about it if I’m to be honest. It is like when a wound is not yet healed and you puncture it again. I just wasn’t ready. But in the end I decided that I would put my feelings aside and honor my mom once again.

On our drive to the service, which was held in the Bronx, my sister texted us a picture of a literal heart in the sky. She said that my niece was saying, “There’s a heart in the sky” but she thought she was just using her imagination. My niece was adamant so she finally looked up and sure enough, there it was, a heart in the sky. She quickly took a picture and sent it to us. At the moment I received the text I was on the verge of tears. It is quite possible that at the exact moment we all needed something, anything, to put our hearts at ease. I truly believed that my mom was telling us to not have our hearts be so heavy. And for us to know that she was there comforting us, loving us and watching over us. She wanted us to know that we are not going through this pain alone.

Talk about perfect timing. I needed that heart in the sky and she knew it.

After the service we were driving home and the heart in the sky was no longer imprinted in my mind and the heaviness was taking over my heart and mind. And then the most beautiful sunset began to appear and it seemed to linger on longer than I had ever seen one linger. At first I simply told Sean how beautiful it was and then soon I was staring in awe because it just began to get more and more beautiful. And I believe it was yet another sign from my mom. I don't think she could have been any louder.


Ever since my mom passed away I feel like she has been using the sky to talk to me. The day after she passed away a double rainbow (I had never seen one before!) appeared. And I remember me appreciating the beauty so much and feeling instant joy. I don’t know if she knew while she was alive that I have a thing for the sky. If I could tell you the amount of sky pictures I have you would find me crazy. She has found a way to communicate with me when I’m at my lowest and I could not be more grateful.


  1. This is lovely! very lovely. I may be crying.

  2. What a beautiful message she was sending you.

  3. This was so beautiful to read. Your mom will always be looking over you and smiling.

  4. So beautiful! And I have a thing for skies too, so I totally empathize with you and reading into its beauty. :)

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  6. This just made me teary eyed. Sending virtual hugs your way.

  7. The sky comforts me in a way that nothing else can too. I absolutely adore that your little niece pointed out the heart in the sky <3. I'm sorry for the day's heaviness. I'm not sure anyone ever completely get's over losing someone let alone their mother, but I'm glad she/God is speaking to you when you need them the most. I love you and that sunset was stunning.


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