Wednesday, December 6, 2017

...And for my 1000th post


Wow, can y’all believe it?! This is my 1000th post. I’ve actually written 1000 posts on this blog. That is insane to me. If I want to (which I often do), I can go back and read 1000 of my own thoughts at different times in my life. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I’m so glad I’ve kept up with this little blog of mine. It's a big deal to me as I've seen so many blogs come and go. I'll admit that it does hurt a little when it was a favorite blog of mine but I digress...

I'll also admit that the engagement on my blog is pretty low right now and I believe that I now have a post that received no comments on (first time ever, lol) but that will not deter me. It actually makes me want to blog more because I feel like fewer eyes are on my blog. I can just write and not really worry about how a post will be received because, well, not many people seem to be reading this blog much anymore. I use to get 700-1000 views on a post and now it’s pretty rare if I reach over 75 views.

I've always wanted this blog to be an online journal of sorts and I think that I've kept with that. The good and the bad have been documented here since 2010 and I truly love that. I mean, I don't love the bad (obviously) but I'm glad that I can see that through this blog things don't stay bad and that when things are good, I'm extremely grateful for it.

For those of you who are still here, thank you for reading, commenting and following along; it means a lot to me.
As for me, I intend to keep on keeping on, so cheers to 1000 more posts.


  1. Yaaaae for "keep on keeping on" and Yaaae for this momentous milestone on your 1000th blog posts :-)

  2. Congrats on 1000 - that's huge!!

  3. I am so happy we have connected through this community. Congratulations on the 1000 post! That is a great accomplishment. Keep doing what you love and the rest will follow. I have silent readers all the time and it still perplexes me why people don't like to leave comments. You always have great things to share and your pictures are serious goals :) Sierra~Beautifully Candid

  4. Happy 1000th post!! I have loved following you for so much of your blogging!
    And, I have to say, I feel like there is a huge downtick in blogging in general. But, forge on, because I love your writing and your photography!

  5. Happy 1000 !!! <3 I think it's amazing you've kept up with it for so long.

  6. Happy 1000th anniversary.... I have followed almost right from the start and I'm so glad for this milestone!

    Your blog has been and is still an absolute delight and one of my all time favourite.

    Thank you for taking along with you on your beautiful, amazing journey...

    Yes to 1000 and more!πŸ˜ŠπŸ™ŒπŸ’ƒ

  7. 1000 is a huge milestone. Your blog is one of my absolute favorites - I think it's because you're authentic and that shines through. I've read most of these posts I'm sure and I'll be around for 1000 more. I'm not going anywhere.

  8. Happy 1000th post

    your commitment and dedication is admirable

    I love reading although, i hardly comment

    Blogville is a graveyard compared to how it used to be

    o well, instagram happened

  9. 1000 posts?! That is AMAZING! Your blog is one of my favorites! Your photos are just gorgeous and I love your honesty and positivity! I'll be around for the next 1000!

  10. Wow! You're my favorite blogger!!! Forgive me for being one of those silent readers! You leave me speechless, most of the time! I'm not a blogger, and I guess I'm in awe as to how well you can articulate yourself publicly! Great art , is what I call your work! From expressing all your "1000th" thoughts to your divine photography! Keep at it because we're reading and must've believed we can communicate telepathically with you! How silly!

  11. Congrats on 1000!!!! I'm so thankful for you and being able to share your ups and downs with you! Instagram made me lazy, I get to look at pics quickly from my phone since I don't have a reliable blogger app anymore! But once I get this new laptop I've been lusting after for Christmas its ON! I appreciate you and your friendship. I'm thankful for your blog for making that possible. Love you chica!!

  12. This is awesome!! It's great that you are doing it purely for the love it and that you have stuck with it. We don't HAVE to blog daily like the commercial blogs, so the traffic may not be there, but I think the ability to be organic and blog from your heart at your own pace is definitely a plus!!

  13. I'm all late but congrats!! Wishing you 1000 more!


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