Thursday, February 22, 2018

My niece's birthday pawty at Billy Beez


A few weekends ago, we celebrated my niece turning five years old. She loves dogs so it was no surprise that she asked for a puppy party at Billy Beez. Although, the party was held at Billy Beez my sister still made sure to add some personal touches to make my niece’s party special. She could have easily allowed the facility to do it all but that’s not how my sister rolls, ha. So, she took care of the cake, the cupcakes and a few other touches to make my nieces birthday pawty (get it?) a hit. Since I’m all about adopting fur babies, I loved that my sister bought a bunch of stuffed dog animals and had each kid adopt one. Loved, loved that! The kids loved it too and even proceeded to name their newly adopted stuffed dogs. Billy Beez is huge and you have to keep a really watchful eye but I like that they take security very seriously and you can’t just walk out with a child that you did not come in with. There are so many fun activities for the kiddos and I personally liked it a whole lot more than Chuck E Cheese.

The beautiful birthday girl ♥

IMG_3022 IMG_2923

I don't know what it is but I just love seeing my niece and nephews with their little friends.

IMG_2930 IMG_2971 IMG_2922



IMG_2925 IMG_2928


IMG_2936 IMG_2937

IMG_2943 IMG_2940 IMG_2947



How handsome are my nephews?! Insert all the heart eyed emojis here.

IMG_2966 IMG_2964


IMG_2983 IMG_2990


IMG_2992 IMG_2993





IMG_2997 IMG_3013



My girlfriend, Margaret, did the cake (of course) and it was soooo delicious!
And the cupcakes too!


Quick picture with my sister (Priscilla) that we remembered to take in the parking lot!
Sorry that your eyes are closed, love you!


Happy Thursday! I hope that you all have wonderful weekends! ♥


ImarriedAtexan said...

Such a cute party!!!! And your nephew!!!! He is took cute.... almost stole the show...

Desiree Macke said...

What a fun paw-ty!! I love that the venue allowed personal touches! Most of the areas around here don't.

Sarah M said...


So cute !


Beautifully Candid said...

Her party looks adorable!! We've passed Billy Beez near Palisades before and always thought about checking out it. Sierra~Beautifully Candid

Karthik said...
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Emily Jane said...

She is darling and I LOVE LOVE LOVE the puppy party. I almost want to do that for Dominic, except he's huge and would probably have none of it. Happy birthday little girl <3