Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Great weekend in Upstate NY

About one month ago, we celebrated Sean’s birthday weekend in Saratoga Springs NY. When we decided that we'd go to Saratoga Springs for the weekend, Sean reached out to a bunch of his old rugby teammates to see if they wanted to get together. After each game, his team would have their social at Trotters (a small dive bar with great wings!) so that is where Sean decided they should all meet up. It was really great catching up especially with those we had not seen since we moved. It was interesting that even with all the time that had passed it still felt like old times. I loved seeing how much Sean was at home with his old friends which is something I really wish for him here in Pennsylvania. Two of Sean’s childhood friends also came to Trotters. Although they did not play rugby, they often went to Sean’s weekend games and became familiar with a lot of Sean’s rugby teammates.


IMG_3089 IMG_3092

Sean's childhood friends


And Eric and Sean with the poses. Y'all probably won't remember this but at our wedding Sean had a dance off with one of his groomsmen. The one posing with Sean was the one who did the dance off with him. Some things never change :)


On Sunday, we had brunch dates with Stephen and Sasha but unfortunately one of their boys got sick so we had to cancel plans. Due to the cancellation, I was able to surprise Colleen at a small dinner at Druthers thrown to welcome baby Cate. I got there a little early so Sean and I sat at the bar for a drink while I stalked the cast of Black Panther. #OBSESSED!


IMG_3125 IMG_3124

When Colleen arrived, Sean drove to Colleen’s house to hang out with Eric and Joey. It was so great to surprise and see Colleen. She was glowing and just so beautiful. I noticed that all the women in attendance were from different stages in Colleen’s life and I thought it was so neat. There was a girlfriend from childhood, a girlfriend from college, a girlfriend from after college (me), her two sisters, her sister in law and a girlfriend from motherhood. Talk about all the stages in life.


I love any opportunity that I get to spend time with old friends and especially love when it feels like no time had passed. We’re hoping to go back to Saratoga this summer, and of course, I’ll be seeing Colleen soon since she is due this month! Ahhh, I'm so excited and can't wait to meet baby Cate!

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend & that you all have a wonderful week! ♥


  1. What a fun time! Getting caught up with friends is such a great thing. Saratoga is on our short list of places to visit and we are thinking about maybe finding a camp ground and taking the airstream. Sierra~Beautifully Candid

  2. So great that you both had the opportunity to catch up with old friends! Good friends are hard to find, so I think it's awesome that anyone retains even 1 friend from every stage of life.

  3. That is so sweet that Sean's friends all came to Trotters to see him. I'm sure it filled him with happiness to see everyone. Eric and Sean seem like quite the pair!- I bet the dance off at your wedding was fun to watch. I have to say that Trotter's might be the fanciest looking "dive bar" I've ever seen.

    I'm glad you were able to see Colleen. <3 Beautiful photos Faith.


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