Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Dinner: Bowtie Pasta w/Meat Sauce and Garlic Bread

I am that person who doesn't look at recipes. I always say I am going to and then I just don't. I am that person who looks at a meal and I know how to make it. Well, maybe I don't but I think I can make it.

If you want to try it go at it. But let me warn you .. I don't measure, I just do the taste test. I am not an expert by any means so I might not really be doing this "correctly". But, it was so delicious and don't tell hubby I told you but he licked his plate clean. I mean this literally.

1.) Chop onions (Use as much as you like. Some people hate onions and some people love onions. I use a lot of onions).

2.) Spray cooking spray on your skillet & heat on medium - low (You can use cooking oil as well).

3.) Place onions in skillet when it has warmed up.

4.) Cut up green peppers, red peppers and tomatoes . Throw them all in skillet.

5.) You might have to throw a few shots of water to keep the onions from browning too quickly. I use a half full shot glass. I truly mean a shot glass.

6.) Let that cook for about 5-7 minutes.

7.) Take out your ground beef and place in skillet (You can use ground turkey or chicken) Put heat on medium.

8.) Season entire contents with Light Adobo Seasoning, Black Peppercorn, Basil and Italian Seasoning (To be honest, you can use your favorite seasoning)

9.) Watch meat brown and move meat around to ensure that all of it browns (You might have to sprinkle in another half shot glass of water. Just watch to be sure that you do or do not have to)

10.) Add mushrooms if you are a fan

11.) Take out Prego Sauce (any brand of sauce will do) and pour in skillet

12.) Make sure pasta is almost done by now and that oven has been pre-heated to put the garlic bread in. We LOVE Pepperidge Farms Five Cheese Garlic Bread. You can either make your own (which is very easy) or go the easier route.

13.) Drain pasta

14.) Have strong & sober hubby, bf or FI pour the meat sauce once it is completely cooked (I am sure there is an easier way but we have been doing this for so long that we don't really do it any other way) into the pasta

15.) Take out garlic bread from oven

16.) Mix the sauce & pasta and voila!

It is extremely easy to make and made us 4 meals! We have delicious lunches for tomorrow!


My Dream Ring said...

Droooll! That looks DELISH!!!! I <3 pasta so I will be trying this :)

ruthy ann said...

i'm the same with measuring...I don't! I used to write a food blog and it forced me to start measuring so I could share the recipes!

Amy said...

this is really random, but I love your plates!

Le garçon avec les lunettes said...

The images on your blog are so inspiring! Great blog!

Lala said...

I'm so hearting this right now! Yum! Mushrooms! :D