Monday, May 24, 2010

Home decor (PT 1)

We are finally having some of our furniture being delivered on Saturday (since we move in a few weeks), so the house won't be empty anymore! We purchased a few things over the weekend to be a little bit ready for the furniture that will arrive on Saturday. We picked up rugs for the kitchen, dining room, living room and guest room. We also purchased two lamps at Marshalls. We bought blinds and curtains for the hubs to put in the dining room but I am not sure if I am feeling them. Because of the heater/air conditioner, Sean does not want to have longer curtains. I don't know how I feel about it.

I figure curtains can change at anytime and we are on a budget so I think we will keep it for now. If only I could figure out how to hide the heater/air conditioner. I truly hate it! I didn't take pictures of the rug we purchased for the guest room as we haven't painted it yet.

Rug for the living room

Rug for the dining room

Little rug for the kitchen

Curtains that we will have for now. Goodness, I hate that heater! So Kathy, any suggestions for me?! I know you're reading! Love you girly! :)


  1. I like all the rugs you chose!

    The heater doesn't look that bad! No one else will even notice it.

  2. Thanks Melissa! We got them for great deals too so that made hubby very happy.

    Sean said that once the dining table and chairs are there it really won't be noticed that much. I didn't even think about that. I hope he is right.

  3. Love the goes so well with you mod rugs. Love the colors....I'm with Melissa, you don't really notice the heater. Once you put all of that beautiful furniture in there it will be lost.

  4. I'm sure once your furniture is all put in place, you won't focus on the HVAC. You could always build out a window seat/ledge with access doors with venting-but then again, don't ask a designer or you'll get complicated answers that end up in more projects(haha)!

    Loving the lamp too!

  5. I like the selections you have made. I have seen on some decorating shows that were a bench has been made around the heater. The bench used a lattace type wood on the front so that the heater could still be used.
    I agree with Michelle once you have all the furniture in place you will not even notice it that much.


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