Tuesday, June 1, 2010

.Home Decor (PT 2).

On Saturday, our coffee table, two end tables, recliner, two dressers, bed and mattress was delivered. Although, it arrived super late it was so nice to finally have some furniture in our house. It has become normal to sit on the floor when we are at our house since we had no furniture. We termed it "ghetto picnic" whenever we took a break from painting to eat something while sitting on the floor. :)

This gorgeous vase the hubs already own (now is mine too!) that goes perfectly with the colors in the living room. I can't wait to put fresh flowers in them!

Look at the hubby in his "King" chair. He really, really wanted that recliner and although I thought (and still think) it is too big for our living room, we got it. Sometimes it is so hard to say no to him when he is being super cute. I am so happy we got it. It is sooo comfortable! He was right once again!

We had to purchase a platform bed because of the shape of our bedroom. At first, I was so sad that we couldn't use my amazing sleigh bed but now I love it! The sleigh bed will be happy in the guest room!

The blue curtains that go perfectly in the office!

Did I mention that the curtains in the dining room is growing on me? Well, it is. Thanks to many of you that responded to my post regarding it! Thank you!

Until my next decor post! =)


ruthy ann said...

ooohhh, that chair looks super comfy...good choice!

Faith said...

thanks! i'll tell Sean you said so! :)

Melissa said...

Everything looks great!

K1t8ymu said...

I love the furniture! Everything looks beautiful! I guess no more ghetto picnics.. lol

My Dream Ring said...

I love the mod look of the living room furniture, so cute!

LMAO @ ghetto picnics....I spit water on my compter screen, I need to stop trying to drink and read blogs ;)