Tuesday, June 1, 2010

My weekend :)

I had a great 3 day weekend. That is the way it should be. I think that 2 day weekends aren't fair because it is on Sunday that you are finally getting relaxed and then Monday rolls around. But by yesterday, I was feeling good enough that the thought of going to work the next day wasn't so bad.

My weekend consisted of SATC 2, BBQs, painting, lawn work, relaxing, eating a lot, waiting for furniture to be delivered and waiting for a plumber to get our gas dryer to function.

On Friday, I went with three gfs to see SATC 2. I enjoyed it but won't give any spoilers just in case I have some readers who have the nerve not to have watched it over the wknd ;) I thought it was really good (minus a few things they could have done without) and now I am waiting for SATC 3. The one thing I would say is that Big and Carrie's apt is to die for. OMG!!! The things I would do for the wardrobe and some furniture pieces.

Saturday, the hubs and I arrived to our house at 8am (hubby said that the furniture was going to arrive between 8:30 & 10:30 am) and I was so surprised to see this:

Look at all the buds that are just waiting to open up! These are roses, right? Don't laugh. I really am not sure.

I was also surprised to see this:

What are those purple, white, stick plants called? We didn't plant these hence the reason why we have no clue what these are.


After that sweet surprise we painted, waited, painted and waited some more. Finally at 1pm, hubby decided to call the furniture place and inquire why we were still waiting. He was told that they would arrive between 3 and 5! When he told me this I was going to hurt him. He made me wake up super early because we couldn't miss the furniture arriving. Oh well, we got a lot of work done but it did not help that the furniture did not arrive until 6:30! What a waste of a glorious, sunny day! :(

p.s. The guy who came to do our gas dryer was also very, very late. I won't get into that.

After the first coat dried I was surprised to see that my "gray" paint did not go on the wall gray. It looks more like a blue hue. We also purchased blue curtains for the guest room which we can't use for the room anymore because the paint and curtains are too close in color. Lucky for us, the blue curtains work great in the office.

What color does the paint look to you?

Stay tuned for my next post to see pictures of the furniture that was delivered late.


Mrs. Hesson said...

Well it looks like yall had a very productive weekend! Good for you :) Love your blog!

ruthy ann said...

Faith you're so funny! I'm the same with plants and flowers...they are so pretty but I couldn't name them if you paid me!

Faith said...

hahaha, i am terrible at the name of plants! i hope to learn soon!