Monday, June 21, 2010

My poor Kitty had a rough wknd.

This post isn't about my eventful weekend. It isn't about the shambles my house is in. I would post pictures but they are slightly embarrassing. I should be packing things away but I feel the need to blog about my cat, Fella.

I've had Fella since he was 6 weeks ago. He will turn 3 on the 26th ... just a few more days! Each year that Fella has been alive he has moved. So I figure he should be use to it by now.

Fella started noticing that something was happening on Friday. When everything was being moved to one corner he just stared. My poor baby's heart was probably breaking. If only hiding would make things stop.

When he was put in his pet taxi and the car started to move him to his new home he began to cry hysterically. I tried to distract him but he just got louder. We had to just let him cry his poor heart out. When he got to the house and we let him out it didn't get any better. He actually got worse.

The hubs went back to the apt to get the Uhaul packed with his friends and I stayed at the house waiting for the cable guy and some furniture to be delivered. I was just unpacking a few things until I realized that I didn't hear a thing. Nothing. Uhm, did Fella decide he loved the house already? I started to search for him. Our house is not so big so he couldn't have gone far but imagine how much I began to panic when I realized I could not find him. I actually started freaking out because how was I going to tell the hubs that I lost our cat in our house? Yeah, not gonna happen.

I finally decided to check the closet in our guestroom when I realized that there was actually a hole that covered our plumbing and was nailed shut but my smart cat figured out how to get inside this hole. I knew he had to be in there but I couldn't see him. Finally, I saw his eyes. You know how kitty eyes just glow in the dark. I started telling him to get out but he paid me no mind. I got treats, tuna, brought out ties he loves but nada. He had found a spot he felt safe in and he was not coming out. I started to pace. I called hubs and told him everything and kept on asking him if the cat was going to die. He said, "The cat is not going to die, just get him out". He just couldn't understand that I couldn't get him out.

I had to wait for the hubs to get back home before I could get him out. Poor kitty was in that hole for about 2 hours. Not sure if he minded though. When the hubs got home he had to wrestle Fella to get him out. Fella did not want to leave. Finally, the hubs pulled him out with all the strength in the world (slight exaggeration). Those small animals pry out so easily. It was very interesting to watch, lol. I mean, Fella weighs like nothing & Sean was having a hard time getting him out!

When Sean finally got him out we had to put him back in the pet taxi to avoid anything else happening. Fella was very content with that and stayed quiet for the rest of the day, just watching us move things in. He would not eat anything we brought to him and he refused to use the bathroom.

At 6pm, we unlocked the taxi but he refused to move. At 7:30, Fella decided it was safe and quietly walked around the house. Stopping to sniff things. He recognized our old bed and stayed with it for one hour. Around 9pm, Fella finally went to the bathroom and had the longest pee ever. I'm serious. He must have had to go for so long but because of his nerves he held it in. Good cat.

He finally went to his bowl to eat and drink water. And today when I got home, I caught this.

I have a feeling he is going to be just fine! :)


ruthy ann said...

well, i guess we can still be friends, even though I'm a dog lover and not so much a fan of cats. :)

Eve said...

Fella knows too much :D
Is he named after Fella Kuti?

Faith said...

he def. knows too much!

no, he isn't ... i actually don't know who Fella Kuti is, hehe.

Steph S. said...

awwww i love him! You're right, he and my kitty, Diego, are TWINS!