Monday, June 7, 2010

Picture Weekend Recap (very pic heavy)

Friday evening, we finally finished painting the guest room & hubby picked out the curtains. Normally, I want to be in charge of everything but since this is the hubby's house too I have really taken into consideration everything he likes. This is HUGE! ;) We were very surprised to see that the paint in the guest room now looks gray instead of blue. And to think, we were finally accepting that we had a blue room! :)

Then we (and when I say we, I mean the hubs) put up curtains and blinds in the living room. That end table has been very helpful! :)

We were so excited to put up the fourth and final curtain until we realized that we had purchased one 84 inch curtain instead of a 63 inch curtain. Ugh, so close. We will return the 84 inch back to Target this weekend and finally complete the living room. Then when we move & have it completely furnished it will all be done! =)

We also laid out the runner in the hallway that my best friend's mom bought for Sean and I as a wedding gift. This was actually the inspiration for all the colors we chose! I was sure to call Stacy and have her tell her mom, thanks!

Saturday consisted of watching the hubs play rugby. Took these pictures before the game b/c I think he is too freaking cute!

After rubgy, we decided to go buy a few things at Target and ended up with things that we didn't even go in for. An awesome blender which we used to make delish pina coladas that night and a microwave we decided that we just had to have. Our excuse, it was on sale. I think that is always a perfect excuse!

Then on Sunday, I went to a gf's baby shower that was duck themed. It felt like I was just at her bridal shower and now she is having a baby! It was so cute plus I got to hang out with my MIL (she attended the shower too) which is always so nice & fun.

5 more weeks!

That gorgeous little girl in pink was also her flower girl!

It was a fun weekend and as much as I've enjoyed getting our house together before we move, I cannot wait for June 19th to get here and just be done. I want to have weekends where we do not have to do anything at the house but lay on the couch, eat junkfood and watch movies! Oh, and wear cute clothes that do not have paint all over them!


ruthy ann said...

the house looks like its coming together! and i really like the wall color btw.

Island Gal said...

Great job on the guest room, it looks pretty!
That duck cake is really cute! I want one! lol

Btw your blog is great! Just became a follower!
Mine is
Hope you like it and share the love by following me too! ;)

Faith said...

Ruthy ann: Thanks so much! I can't wait to be done!

Island Gal: The duck cake was really good too! :)

MrsShoffernan said...

I love that runner! We have an area rug similar to it. Looks like you guys got a lot done!