Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Summertime and the Living is Easy

I am feeling so relaxed even after a long day at work. It must be because I have a 4 day work week (well, now only 3, YES!) It should always be like that. I know I've said it before and I'll say it again, it just is not right that we have to work 5 days a week and only get 2 days off. Not right at all.

OK ... on to what I did during my fabulous 3 days off! :)


I went shopping with my girlfriend, Colleen. I bought some great accessories but no clothes. Nothing looked right. Nothing. That's why I love earrings.

After shopping (Colleen got great clothing & I was a teensy-weensy bit jealous) we went to her sister's house. It was so much fun but damn was it hot. I was sweating my behind off. 2 hours later, we realized that we were right under the sun & moved. That helped with me being the sweaty monster. There was an overflowing of amazing food and drinks and whenever I am with Colleen's family I feel like family. Now my question is, why didn't I take any pictures?

While I enjoyed some time with Colleen and her family the hubs was at the lake with his friends. He said, he enjoyed his time with his friends but I know he didn't. ;)

When we got home we unpacked a bunch of stuff around the house but there is still so much crap left. I know that it will get done this week since our housewarming is on Saturday & we are too proud to invite people over when it looks like we are living out of boxes.


The hubster's parents stay at this campsite all summer. They seriously live out of their RV during the summer at this awesome lake. The first time I went along with my husband I was a bit confused. Being the city girl I am, I didn't understand why anyone would purposely want to do this especially if you have a nice house and a great bed. Lucky for the hubs, I didn't scream and kick this time (or wear stilettos, true story) and I had a blast. I finally understand why they do it. Do not confuse that statement and think that I will actually purchase a tent and camp with the in-laws. It is good for a day, nothing more.

My FIL grilled and we ate, ate and ate. After expanding my tummy, we went over to the beach to enjoy the hot sun and get some water action. It is a tiny, tiny beach that was packed to the max. Regardless of how many creepers people were there we had such an amazing time with Sean's family.

Here are some pics of Sean's niece and nephew because I'm clearly obsessed.

This little beauty is such a dancer! She dances to any and everything. As soon as she hears the music she runs to me and says, "Auntie Fake, let's dance".

Sean's nephew doesn't like attention quite as much as his niece does. Sean tried the water with him and he didn't exactly like it. Sean had to hold him for a while because he was crying hysterically. Boys. (JK)

And because she truly entertains me.

We ate a lot of these:

Me and the hubby :)

Sunday evening:

We went to the Plaza that had a million food vendors. Yumminess. I had an amazing Chicken Gyro. We also watched these men (and a 12 yr old) on a trampoline do all sorts of crazy tricks. I was really impressed especially since the trampoline was tiny.

And then we did my most favorite thing. FIREWORKS! Love fireworks so much. I really do not know if this is normal. I wish there were more occasions for me to see them. They were the best I've ever seen in the town I live and of course I took a ton of pictures. If you do not enjoy fireworks as much as I do, I apologize firsthand. But it is my blog so .... (you know the rest)

Monday (Did I mention I had Monday off? Yes? Oh, sorry to rub it in again)

My little sisters and fabulous nephew came to visit the hubs and I. They complained about the boxes still sitting around but when hubs made them a fabulous dinner, I told them that either they shut up or not eat. They ate.

After dinner, we watched 16 candles. Can you believe my little sisters have never seen that movie? Are they really that young? Anyway, I think they have added it to their list of favorite movies. Next visit, I will make them watch The Breakfast Club.

**I hope you all had amazing weekends ... regardless if you had 1, 2, or 3 days off, there I go again, rubbing it in**


  1. Glad you had such an amazing holiday weekend!!!

  2. Sounds like such a fun weekend! I have never been camping - completely agree - why leave a beautiful house and warm bed to go sleep in a tent? But, its good to know you enjoyed it! Maybe I will have to give it a try some time. Also, Sean's niece it too cute!!!

  3. What a cutie pie Sean's niece is. All of you looked great and sounds like you had a fun holiday weekend -with your 3 days off. hehee


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