Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Wedding Wednesday - Pink Shoes

You know the quote, "Cinderella is proof that a pair of shoes can change your life" .. well, these shoes were part of a big change from Miss to Mrs 8 months ago.

I am a shoe gal, as most other women. I have shoes in my closet in every single color. But I am also one of those women who truly believes that two things you can never have too many of are good friends and some hot shoes.

So, when I was planning my wedding, I knew that I had to have some hot high heeled shoes. If they weren't white, even better! Besides, I couldn't disappoint my sorority sisters who gave me the nickname, Stilettos.

My photographer loved my shoes almost as much as I did. Here's my proof:

I know that I told you last week that I would post some getting ready pictures so because I never want to appear as a fibber to my fabulous followers, I am doing two wedding posts this Wednesday.

I can hear the cheering now. Hehe.

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  1. I had my shoes dyed the color of my bridesmaids dresses. I loved them.


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