Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Wedding Wednesday - Getting Dolled Up

Getting ready to be a beautiful bride is so much fun! It is the one day that you are treated like the princess you've wanted to be since you were 5 years old. People are bringing you breakfast, fixing your hair, doing your makeup and telling you just how gorgeous you look. How is it possible not to have a huge ass smile on your face? I sure as hell did AND I made sure to take it all in because the next day you are just plain old Faith and no one is bringing you breakfast unless his name is Sean, but he kinda has to do that forever.

I got ready with my best girlies to prepare for the biggest day of my life.

If you can't tell how happy I was from this pic, I don't know what else does.

My little sisters smiling at me because I'm the princess for the day. Trust me, they don't always smile at me like this, lol.

I am all dolled up. Take me to meet my man!


Ally said...

absolutely stunning!
you beautiful beautiful woman.

Amy said...

Ahhhh these photos made me smile :-)

ruthy ann said...

It IS fun to get all dolled up like that isn't it?

Eve said...

So So pretty. You do really look overjoyed.

BBM said...

what a beautiful bride! so happy to find ure blog love!

Sara said...

You look FABULOUS!!!!! I just love these pictures. My favorite part of going out is ALWAYS getting ready, so I know I'm going to relish in getting ready on the big day! These photos have me SUPER excited right now! I love these shots girl, you're doing it! I love your sweater too, that is HAWT!!

Nawalista said...

I remember that special weekend! and I remember how (not only happy) but beautiful you looked. Knowing for over a decade, you not only looked beautiful to me in that gorgeous dress but I could see that beautiful inside of yours. You always bring a smile to my face! I love you!!!