Sunday, August 1, 2010

Rugby Weekends Are Back!

If you've been following me for a little while you know that the hubs is a rugby player. He loves this sport. I often wonder why because after every game he gets a bit banged up. Like right now, he can't walk. It's a guy thing, I would never understand & to be honest, I do not intend to.

I've gotten a break for a few months from going to rugby games every.single.weekend. Its been nice. But the season is back and this means that I put on my game face, wear stilettos and cheer on my hubby's team and pray that no one decides it's a good idea to tackle my husband all crazy, because I really do not want to use my stilettos as a weapon.

This weekend, we went to Lake Placid for the Annual Can Ams Tournament. I admit this is so much fun. I enjoy going to different places and staying in hotels whenever I get the opportunity.

On a side note, I love hotels. I've always dreamed of owning one and even got a major in it in college and worked in the hotel industry for 4 years. So, it is difficult for the front desk person/manager to sugar coat anything when we check into a hotel. I know when a room has been cleaned properly, when the carpet needs to be replaced hardcore, when a smoking room becomes "non-smoking" when there aren't any available non-smoking rooms, etc. It is hard & sometimes I wish I didn't know as much as I do about the hotel industry but I tell you, when I go to the front desk and ask for them to switch my room to another one, they never argue. You just know when a person knows that you are feeding them a bunch of crap.

So when we check into our hotel this weekend and we are told that "our" room had a maintenance issue and that we had to stay at another hotel which would be complimentary, I was a tiny bit kinda happy. It meant extra money in our pockets. But I also know our room didn't have a maintenance problem. They overbooked. Lame.

But the hubs did not appreciate this one bit. I've learned that it is best for everyone when one of us is calm and the other is angry. He booked this hotel room for a reason. It was prime location and is a nicer hotel. He had every reason to be upset but having been behind that desk and being in that front desk person's shoes before, I know how hard it is to tell someone who has traveled far that you don't have a room available for them, even though they have paid and received confirmation.

In the end, we kinda had a free weekend and the hubs admitted it wasn't too bad. The walk from downtown to our new hotel in my stilettos was only 20 minutes. No big deal. (At least, that is what I told him.)

Here are some pictures from the weekend:

The view was breathtaking.

A few ladies from The Rugby Wives Club :)

She is so adorable. Her daddy is teaching her fast!

A quick shot of the hubby (in his booty shorts) with a teammate after his second game in one piece. Thank God!

**It was a fun weekend but my camera died and the picture taking ended. Boo.**

Hope you all had fabulous weekends!


  1. I don't get Rugby at all! I know nothing about it, but it's always good to have a sport or something that he's into.

    That view is gorgeous! I am aching to get near a mountain sometime soon. Sorry about the hotel, but SCORE! for a mostly free weekend.

  2. are a strong woman to watch your hubby play rugby...brutal sport!

    So interesting about the hotel industry...hmmm...wonder how many times i've had one pulled over on me!

  3. I don't know if I could handle it if my husband played rugby! He plays softball and hurt his finger last year and I freaked out when he called me and told me I needed to drive him to the emergency room to get it checked!

    I love hotels, but I don't know much about the industry. I wonder how much nonsense I've been fed and had no idea...

  4. You are brave to be a rugby wife, it's like American football without any protective wears. Scary.

    Lovely view, and cute little girl :D Are we thinking of children right now? :D

    I love hotels also!!

  5. wow looks like you live in a beautiful area! Tell him to be careful, seems like a rough sport!!!

  6. Looks like it was a gorgeous weekend! What an awesome wife you are supporting your hubs ;)

  7. I'll take the hotel switch for a free room any day! As long as it wasn't to motel 6! I never new a thing about rugby until I watched invictus. It's ROUGH! All that with no pads is crazy.

  8. Eve, lol. Not thinking of babies yet, haha :)

  9. Okay I find it so amazing that your hubby plays rugby! For as long as I can remember I thought that I would marry a rugby player... needless to say that I'm marrying a Filipino who is beyond obsessed with all things American Sports LOL! Soooooo yeah my dreams have been dashed!

  10. Wow that view is amazing! Love that you're so supportive!


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