Monday, October 22, 2012

Happy Monday. Yes, I said Happy!

Can I just say how happy I am to see Monday? Yeah, I know. Mondays usually blow big time but I’m so happy to welcome another week.

I feel refreshed and just blessed to be alive.

On Friday, we decided to do a happy hour and it was the best. The food we had was incredible. Cajun fish tacos. Seriously so good! Back to the grind this week because I totally need to detox after Vegas and this weekend!

{My blue Hawaiian was green. Nancy said it would make a great Christmas drink. I agree! But bartender when I say I want a blue hawaiian I expect it to be blue, thank you very much. At least that chocolate molten cake was out of this world incredible!}

After dinner and drinks, we saw Argo. I LOVED it. So good! I didn’t know much about the movie but Sean decided that he wanted to watch a movie so to the movies we went.

He completely tricked me and when we got to the counter he requested Paranormal Activity 4. I seriously freaked! I told the woman at the counter "no, no, no" but she didn’t listen. I hate scary movies with a passion. I don’t know if he thought because he ordered them AND was given the tickets that I would just suck it up. No siree. I had him go to customer service {after he called me repeatedly because I walked away} and exchange for another movie that was going on around the same time. LOL. Babe, I understand it is fake but for some reason my brain refuses to accept that this stuff doesn’t happen in real life. I think you now know never to try something like this again.

Anyway, I’m glad I am a big ole baby when it comes to scary movies because Argo was so, so good! Go watch it.

Saturday was just a great day of relaxation. I hate when a show that I’ve been watching ends on Netflix because I have to search for a new one to occupy my time. Revenge and X-Factor are the only shows that I am actually watching on television right now.

I finished Damages so now I am watching Nikita. Both great shows!

Sunday, I took a little stroll with Izabella around the neighborhood and enjoyed this sight. I seriously adore Fall. There is no season quite like it.

Other things:

Nadiyah, my gorgeous niece said the most cutest thing at Aunt Phyliss’ funeral. My MIL has been trying to explain to her that Aunt Phyliss passed away and went to heaven. When she saw Aunt Phyliss she and my MIL went to her casket and again my MIL said, Aunt Phyliss is in heaven. Nadiyah looked at her with a confused expression and said, “This is heaven?!” Seriously guys it was the funniest thing ever. Everyone could not stop laughing. Children are the best!

Outfit last Thursday because I really liked it!

{Top: Express - Necklace: Ebay - Jeans: Target - Booties: Bakers}

Caramel frappes at McDonalds are the best. If it didn’t have 1000 calories (maybe slight exaggeration, maybe not) I’d have one every day.

Hope you all had wonderful weekends! This week, I’ll recap good ole Vegas starting with guys who try to pick me up. I guess Sean should have bought me bigger bling.


  1. Lovin the yellow necklace! I'm glad you're back to your old self again!

  2. That food looks amazing!!!! I'm so glad you are coming back to yourself. Happy Monday <3

  3. Happy Monday. Mine has gotten off to a rough start! Love the variety of pics :)

    I'm sorry about your the passing of your husband's aunt it sounds like the last month has been really tough for your family.

  4. And just like that I have fish tacos on the menu for dinner this week... yum!
    Love your picks and love to see you smilin' again. :)

  5. this food is killing me.
    i want that cake now!
    your neice is adorable
    and love your outfit, i want some little booties!

    cant wait for the vegas recap of course.


  6. Cajun fish tacos = YUMMMY!

    Argo looks great - I'm glad you said it's worthwhile to see it.

    Have a great week Faith!

  7. OMG! I'm the same way with scary movies! Except... I watch them anyway. And then freak myself out. HAHA

  8. That cake looks insanely delicious. I hate scary movies too! And I'm way jealous of your fall foliage. The trees don't really turn colors here. )o: Glad you're Monday is happy!

  9. Happy Monday!!! I would have done the same thing in the movie situation. Argo is such a great movie I loved it. Have a great week =)

  10. Glad you are getting your happy back. Choco Molten Lava cake-my FAVORITE!! I can't wait to see Paranormal Activity 4. I love scary movies.

  11. That chocolate dessert looks so great and the caramel cold coffee thing from McDonald seems incredible too, I'm so jealous that they don't sell these in McDonalds over here right now! I'm glad that you're feeling so great today as well, life is wonderful and we should cherish all of our moments alive even if I myself forget to a lot of the time.

  12. Girlfriend you are making me hungry with those photos! Glad to hear you had a good weekend and that you're feeling better.

    xo Emily

  13. Happy Monday!!!

    Those pictures of that food are making me so hungry! And that Caramel frappe looks amazing!!!

  14. maybe the bartender was color blind. happy hour food is some of the best and a great way to end the week!

  15. Glad things are looking up a little! Blue Hawaiin, Green Hawaiin, ehhhh who cares. Either one sounds AMAZING! Your outfits are always so fabulous...I want to shop with you!

  16. Yum, all that food looks delish, and I am majorly afraid of scary movies, too!

  17. chica, I am happy you are feeling Happy. :) Have a fab Monday mama. OH, and Revenge.. I'm off to Hulu it now! Love that show! ;)

  18. Eeep... that all looks SO delicious girl!!

    Hope you're doing well!



  19. All that food looks so good!

  20. that food looks so good!

    i am the same way about scary movies. i just don't do them anymore. the hubs knows better. but ive heard argo was really good, we'll have to check it out!

    and your neice. so precious.

  21. The fried chicken and molten cake has my mouth watering! I think that's what I'll ask hubby for for date night this week.
    I am like you when it comes to scary movies. I have such an active imagination, its not even funny.

  22. Um.. thanks for making me crave a Mccafe caramel latte. I know where I'm going first thing in the AM! LOL

  23. I wish ALL Mondays could be this happy! :) I love that you refused to see that scary movie. I HATE movies like that and totally would have done the same thing! Haha I've heard wonderful things about "Argo." Sounds like I've got to go see it soon!

    And any kind of frappe is AMAZING. Whyyyy must they be so high in calories?! I've tried Starbucks skinny frappes, and they truly are not the same.

  24. Oh my goodness that's adorable that she said "this is heaven?" What beautiful trees! Enjoy this new fall week!

  25. I feel bad for that bartender, Phin is working n the difference btween green and blue, and lordy, it's confusing.

    This is heaven? Perfect. I love babies. All cute kids who say innocent, perfect things = babies. And btw, sometimes it feels like it, and sometimes this place feels like the exact opposite. I hope she has a lot of heaven in her life.

  26. Seriously you just made me hungry and it's almost midnight!! Glad happy is back on Monday's!

  27. Ha! I too refuse to watch any "paranormal activities". Fake or no.

    Food looks delicious...and don't show me no fish tacos. You know I'm allergic. :( ...or maybe you don't.

  28. Mmmmmh, that food. So hungry now.

  29. Welcome back Faith, kids do say the funniest things and their thinking process is just so basic it's awesome.

    Totally drooling over that desert :)

  30. It's spring here in Aus but keep seeing so many beautiful beautiful fall photos!

  31. mmmm that food looks so good! and so does that drink! it reminds me of a midori sour. yum!


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