Monday, May 6, 2013


The weather this weekend was perfection! Friday evening, we had our friends over for a little BBQ of chicken and burgers. Sean loves to grill and actually does it in the winter too. Even though we all live in the same city we hadn’t seen each other since our trip to Montreal so it was nice to catch up and enjoy the nice weather.

I didn't take as many pictures as I normally do. I guess, I was trying to be a good host?

Please ignore the background. The house next door is in foreclosure. I guess, our old neighbors in a fit of rage decided to tear down their fence and expose their unkempt backyard to us. Very nice of them. Now we're going to have to put up a fence to keep their unkempt backyard hidden to us. This might be a good thing because our yard has been neglected ever since we removed the wheelchair accessible ramp. It's about time we got our yard looking a little pretty.

{Top: American Eagle - Shorts: Forever 21 - Wedges: Alloy - Earrings: Rainbow}

On Saturday, I went to a food truck festival with Colleen and her husband and a few of their friends. There were bands and little shops but the lines for each truck was outrageous. We stood in line for a truck called Slidin' Dirty for almost TWO HOURS! They were selling sliders and we really wanted to try their avocado fries. In the end, it was too hot to stand in line for food so we went out and got food. What a waste!

I think what made it a bit worst was that we all hadn't eaten much that day that way we could try as many foods from the trucks as possible. Being hot, hungry and thirsty is an awful combination.

I guess in my hungry state I didn't think anything of it when Colleen decided to take my picture. The last thing on my mind were settings. So the only pictures taken of me that day were dark. Awesome. Hopefully you get an idea of what I wore.

{Tank: Express - Skirt & Bracelets: Forever21 - Booties: Bakers - Earrings: Aldo's Accessories - Bag: Macys}

Sunday, I made sure to head to the gym after church.

I took Izy for a long walk and we sat in our enclosed porch while I read some magazines and snacked on strawberries and blue berries and enjoyed the light breeze that came through the windows.

It was a great weekend but I have a feeling that visiting my niece next weekend with Sean is going to top this one. Yup, I’m pretty sure of it!

Hope that you all had wonderful weekends as well!


  1. What a fun weekend!! You look gorgeous in that coral top!

    Bummer about the food truck lines, TWO HOURS is ridiculous...I would've been grumpy, too! :)

  2. Your photos are so breathtaking!!!!

    I love festivals!!! Wish Matt did too ;) He hates people.. or so he claims ;) LOL!!!

    I'm not a big fan of crowds but I LOVE festivals!!!!

  3. We went to the Festival too lol .
    I guess we all had the same idea . It was a mad house in there . We did the same thing and just walked to a restaurant near by lol
    Have a great day

  4. looks like a great weekend.
    you are so cute.
    love your outfits.
    also, the weather looks gorgeous!
    i was a terrible blogger and didn't take any pictures this weekend.
    well hardly any.


  5. Sounds like an amazing weekend! As amazing as avocado fries sound... definitely not worth a two hour wait! :(

  6. Faith I love your BBQ outfit, you just look so Summery and happy as well and it's great, seems like some heck of a weekend, that cherry fizz drink sounds hella good as well.

  7. Well, nice pics of all the food that you didn't get to try! That is a bummer. The concept is great but maybe they needed more trucks or maybe it was just more popular then they expected. Glad you had a great weekend! Looks like the weather was great. Ours was on Fri and Sat then it went downhill from there.

  8. What s fun weekend. You look so cute in your spring attire. The food and drinks look yum. I think the next time I go to a food truck fest I'm smuggling in snacks so I don't get hungry waiting in line for the popular trucks lol

  9. What a beautiful/fun weekend. I am sure next weekend will be even more fun.
    I can't wait until our patio is done. Then we can start BBQ-ing outside.

  10. the food truck festival sounds like a fun idea! but a 2 hour line, ugh! especially if your blood sugar is low

  11. Loving all your photos and outfits!! Simply beautiful! :)



  12. The food looks yummy! Food trucks are so much fun. Cute tank top!

  13. if we lived near each other you better have extended an invitation to me to go to the food truck fest because i LOVE food trucks. your food looks good, it always does and your outfits are always super cute

  14. That Express top is super cute.. and it looks like you had such a fun weekend :) and those food pics totally made me hungry.

  15. Such a fun weekend. I seriously love your outfits, you had like a model pose going on until you took that one crazy pose :). I so love your style

  16. This is the kind of weekend, weekends were made for. ;) I am obsessed with your style! And food truck fest- I need to find me one those a.s.a.p!

  17. Ok, now YOU have MY mouth watering!! Love your look too; such a great color on you!!

  18. Looks like such a great weekend! I want some of that blue drink!!

  19. What a fun weekend! You definitely know how to live it up during the weekends. :-)

  20. Oh man, hunger and heat are the worst combo. A food truck festival sounds like the best/fun idea ever!!! Too bad the lines were so incredibly!

  21. How fun! Entertaining with a cook out is always a good time in my book. The food trucks would be so fun, but I agree the long lines + hungry/thirsty people does not make a good combo! And the berries look scrumptious! Have a good week!

  22. What a bummer about the food trucks! The first Thursday of each month food trucks gather for all to feast. I've always wanted to go... Looks like I know what we'll be doing this week!
    Love that tank from Express! Too cute!

  23. Faith, that sux you had to wait so long and then didn't even get food. Food trucks can be so yummy! Glad you made the best of it though and had a great weekend regardless! I love how you've incorporated outfit posts into your lifestyle posts! Looking fab as usual!

  24. I've yet to ever tried food from a Food Truck, and there's quite a few of them around here that sell authentic Mexican tacos or something. I'm sure your restaurant food was better anyway ;). I loved both your outfits <3

  25. Sounds like a great weekend! I'm obsessed with food trucks but 2nrs is a bit much :/ and yea, hanging out with your niece is totally gonna top any weekend (except maybe the one you got married or went on a honey moon or when you have your own kids

  26. hungry and thirsty after reading this and seeing all the lovely photos! ahh, that black cherry fizz drink looks and sounds so good! i LOVE your orange/coral top and the fun tank from express! you could open up your own shop with all your fun clothes! i'm sorry you waited in line so long and didn't get to try the food. that festival looks like a blast!
    wishing you a happy tuesday! xoxox

  27. We need a grill, STAT.

    And I am officially more hungry than I was before I read this post. Thanks.

  28. that express tank id great on you i love it with the skirt!! sooo cute!! ps now i want strawberries bad!!

  29. I'm not sure how I missed this post, but it looks like you had a great weekend! I love the pictures of the tulips and of the fruit, so pretty and bright! I love food truck festivals! We went to one here last year and the lines were the same, so long! We have a cupcake truck and it's lines were the longest but you best believe I waited! : )

  30. Seriously, I am going to have to have you give me photography lessons because your pictures are ahhhhmazing.

    And those drinks and food. Ummm yeah...count me in.


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