Friday, May 3, 2013

Cheers to the Weekend & Fashion Favorite's Friday!

Spring has officially sprung in the neck of my woods and I’m ecstatic.

The whole week has been beautiful! I’ve indulged in long walks with the pup and Sean and grilling. Well, Sean grills and I eat. With the help of nasal spray, allergy eye relief and Claritin, I’ve been able to live relatively normal.

Without those items I am a runny nose, eye watering, sneezing machine. So sexy.

I’m excited for this weekend just for the fact that it will be in the mid 70s. I’ll be trying to ensure that I’m outside for most of the weekend even if is just to feel the warmth.

Since today is Friday I’m linking up with Tarin by Glammed by Tarin to share my favorites this week for Fashion Favorite’s Friday.

I love these two outfits I wore this week. I’m thinking I love the denim shirt look more but I love me some leopard so I decided I didn’t really need to choose.
{Denim shirt: Hive & Honey by Piperlime - Jeans: Target - Heels: Zaras - Necklace: Forever 21}

{Striped shirt: Old Navy - Jeans: Forever 21 - Heels: Target}

My favorite look on the Internet this week was by Trendy Taste. I'm pretty much obsessed with her style and seriously want to go into her closet and live there.

I hope you all have a warm and sunny weekend! ♥


  1. Such cute outfits! :) And I should mention... it's snow raining here right now. When can I move in? HAHA!

  2. Great outfits! I love that forever21 necklace!

  3. It's warm there?!! Sigh. How am I literally wrapped in my coat in May in Texas?! I have been wanting a denim shirt so bad. I saw one in Target but I hesitated to buy it and it was gone when I came back. Have a great weekend girlie and enjoy the spring weather. I'm currently overdosing on Zyrtec to help my allergies. Hopefully the random cold front killed some of the pollen. :)

  4. I want the animal print heels!!!

    Very cute!

  5. I'm thrilled it's Friday too! And it's gonna be in the 80's here. Whoop whoop. Cute outfit! I finally posted a yesimwearing this pic on instagram.

  6. TGIF!!!!!


    It should be a good, good day!!!!

    I am loving BOTH of your outfits!! I couldn't choose, and you cannot make me! ;) I love the colors in outfit two but loving the pink shoes and denim & necklace in outfit one!

    So flippin' hot! ;)

    P.S. Can Sean grill me a hot dog and some grilled onions? I'll be right over ;)

  7. You're right! Both those outfits are adorbs. :-)

  8. I can see why you would be obsessed with this lady's style because she is gorgeous! But so are you Faith so it all balances out! :)

  9. Love the denim shirt. I'm on the hunt to find one for myself.
    Have a fabulous time in the awesome weather!

  10. Love the hot pink heels!! Such a pretty color!
    And that necklace is gorgeous! Always stylin', my friend! Have a beautiful, sunny weekend! I hope you get to enjoy the weather all weekend!

  11. Good post with great explanation. Way of writing and convincing is glorious. Eyes on the topic like Arjun’s eyes. Seriously I never read this kind of post ever.

  12. Hello,
    Cute outfit and that necklace is the truth. I love bling with denim.

  13. Love the outfits...making me so green with envy though cause its getting so cold here :(.

  14. Yes and snaps for the denim shirt look! I'm actually going to steal that entire outfit if you don't mind. LOL.

    The one thing I am on the hunt for is a chunky necklace. Any thoughts on where I could get one for less? I would love one that looks like the one that Katie Holmes has on in her Bobbi Brown ad...

  15. I love the outfits! I dig denim but can't pull it off myself!

  16. I am loving the outfits!!! My allergy medicines have NOT been working this week. With the exception of just knocking me out and putting me to sleep. Le sigh.


  17. *Tip-toes over to Faith's closet and slowly slides out leopard heels while whistling*

    I am OBSESSED with leopard you hear me! OBSESSED!!!! To the point where I ordered a leopard case for my Blackberry! I love denim tops as well. Always a springy/summertime cool look.


  18. I loooooove your pink Zara heels! They are so fab!
    Hope you've had a great weekend, pretty lady :)
    p.s. I wanna live in YOUR closet! You have one amazing wardrobe!

  19. love your outfits.
    and allergies. i feel ya girl.


  20. I'm extremely jealous that you can pull off a denim shirt! I tried one on the other day & I looked a little butch. I won't even tell you how the flannel shirt went for me >:( Hope you're enjoying a fabulous weekend.


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