Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Fair Fun.

When Sean went to Phoenix for a whole week I could not wait for him to come back. I'm telling you, I have no idea how long distance couples do it.

Any who, during the first week he was gone, I saw that a town not too far from where we live was having a fair so when I spoke to Sean one evening I asked him if he would like to go. He said yes which of course excited me because if you know me at all you know I love fairs. We just didn’t have fairs in the city and if we did we did not go. All the fun I was missing out on as a child.

(Yes, feel sad for me)

Actually I think I went to a fair once before I met Sean. My dad had that “take your daughters to work day” and they held a fair for us. But that was the only fair I went to and I was very young. Actually the only thing I can really remember is that it was the day I fell in love with cotton candy.

All his friends from his hometown make fun of me since I get so excited to go to their small town fair. I didn’t really know the difference. It was a fun fair to me!

Well now I know. This fair was HUGE! I mean, so much to do and see. We couldn’t even see everything it was so big. Sean loved it and said that it was such a great idea for us to spend our Friday night. I actually had to tell him that I was ready to leave because he wanted to see everything. That was a first.

This fair had amazing looking food and I wished I could have tried everything. But after a big plate of bacon cheese fries and a bag of cotton candy, I could not fill anything else in. I was bummed because I wanted my funnel cake and something fried. You know, fried oreos or twinkies. Granted I’ve never had those in my life but I wanted to try them just to say I did. Next year. There’s always next year. Or maybe another fair before the summer ends. I think that sounds better :).

{Top, Cami, Earrings & Skirt: Forever 21 - Sandals: Target - Bag: Macys}



  1. I get camera happy with my baby girl. I live your pics. Their beautiful and so are you. Glad you guys had fun. Btw... I never had fried twinkies or Oreos. But I know I will one day.

  2. Great pictures and those candied apples look AMAZING!! I love your top, too, it's gorgeous!

    My nieces would've fought you for that HUGE bag of cotton candy, haha!! :)

  3. I love carnivals & fairs. This makes me think of the rodeo carnival. Now I want a big turkey leg, funnel cake, cotton candy and a candied apple. Yes. I. Do. :)

  4. what a fun day! the fair is so pretty - i mean it!! i love fairs...and the ones in our town are so, um, how do i put it - hilarious. but in a happy-this-is-my-town kinda way. the fair you went looks like a blast! i love the ferris wheel phots (and all the rest, of course)!
    and i love your outfit! you look amazing, faith! lemme tell ya, you wouldn't see anyone dressed like that at our fairs. hahaha!
    now i want some cotton candy!
    glad you had a great time. <3

  5. Truth be told, I've never been to a fair either! haha! You're not alone my friend.

  6. I love the fair. And I admit it. It's mainly for the food. This reminds me that we didn't go this year and I was kinda sad about it. But next year it's on. Yeah-you got your hubby back. Mine is still gone.

  7. Hmmm we call this the carnival...minus the circus and petting zoo. We only get this once per year and that's in December so believe me when I say it's always jammed pack! So listen! We both dip in the same excitement pool!

    These photos Faith! I'mma have to watch you! You're becoming extremely awesome, I'm just too proud!


  8. So fun! I love fairs. And I love your sandals!

  9. First of all, you are the CUTEST fair-goer ever! Look at that adorable outfit.
    Second, I am SO sorry you didn't get to attend a fair every year growing up - that's the Iowa girl in me talking.
    Third, that picture of the Ferris wheel with the sunset is AWESOME!

  10. You always manage to make me hungry when I read your post. Not good for a gal trying to lose weight! Especially when you look so good in your outfit! :-P

    Fun fun!

  11. FUN! :) You know I LOVE a good fair! Someday you should come to the MN Fair! It's the second largest in the country! (behind Texas!)

  12. I love these big fun fairs over in America, they look so fun and it's a dream of mine to go to one some day, I just love them! The fairs over here are good but not as fun as these ones look.

  13. ummm like so much fun. seriously.
    i love these photos!
    and kettle corn, ahhhhh its my favorite!


  14. Fairs bring out the kid in everyone! I've never been one for fried foods but a fried twinkie does sound good right about now.

  15. Your photos are bright bold and beautiful! I loved reading about your adventure!!! :) now following you on GFC! :)

    Wishing you a WONDERFUl monday!

  16. These pictures are BEAUTIFUL.
    I'm so glad you & your man had fun. And I'm so glad you got cotton candy. I love that melting in my mouth! YUM!!!

  17. I love these big fun fairs over in America

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  18. GORGEOUS pictures! You have become quite the photographer girlfrannn! ;) Our states fair is this week and I realllly hope I can cram it in to make it there sometime. Hope you are enjoying the rest of your summer! xoxo

  19. Seriously?!!? You couldn't wear a pair of jeans and a t-shirt to the fair!?!? GEEZ!!! :)


  20. Man Iwish i was there too. Looks like sooooo much fun. You look stunning as always :)

  21. Man Iwish i was there too. Looks like sooooo much fun. You look stunning as always :)

  22. Your pictures are so beautiful, crisp and vibrant. Can you come be my family photographer? Like you could seriously make some cash doing photography as your side hustle!

  23. oh how I LOVE fairs, your pictures are BEAUTIFUL!!!

  24. Gorgeous pictures as always!! I have a question, how do you lay out your pictures like that for your blog? Like the two small ones and then a big one? I like that and want to copy it : ) . I love fairs too and get so excited when we go to one except in TX it was always too hot. Blah. Fried Oreos are bomb! SO good!

  25. looks like a fun fair! great pictures too! when i was a kid my parents used to live next to the town square and we have all kinds of fairs... loved them!

  26. I hate rides, but I swear I would go to the fair at evening time just to take pictures. HAHA! I love these photos!! I haven't been to a fair in years either and I have no excuse, there are plenty of them within an hour drive time around this time of year. I am glad you and Sean had a ton of fun!

  27. I love love LOVE fairs... I am obsessed with getting fried dough too. That's all I really go for anyways. I haven't been to a good one since I was a teenager though. I need to find some in NY to attend this Fall.

  28. How have you never been to the fair is beyond me. But like they said, it's never too late. You need to make up for it.

    Such awesome pics, we do need Sean to come back so that he can take more people pics :)

  29. I LOVE fairs/carnivals. For the first time this year, I ate a funnel cake and I can't wait until the upcoming fairs so I can eat more! LOL!

  30. Your pictures make me envy you! I wish we had more carnivals around here. Unfortunately I only get t go during Easter for our Royal Easter Show once a year. I go for the rides and food!

    Your pictures definitely captured the amazingness of it all! x

  31. Oh I love fairs... especially the funnel cake...and root beer floats...and french fries...oh and the fresh squeezed lemonade..

    ...as I gain 15lbs!


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