Tuesday, November 25, 2014

The Last of South Beach.

I almost decided to let this go since it has been so long since we took our trip and to be honest it is a little embarrassing BUT I also know how much I dislike reading old posts and realizing that I never finished. So, I’ve decided to just do it. Granted there won’t be much of a recap since I’m old and my memory isn’t what it use to be ;) and pictures are always welcomed, right?! Besides we are under a severe weather warning for tomorrow (crazy snow storm, boo!) so these pictures are making me happy and kinda torturing me at the same time.

IMG_6711 IMG_6719
IMG_6716 IMG_6714

Alcohol infused ice-cream?! Say it ain't so!


Our last night we had dinner at Rosa Mexicano and our food was seriously incredible. They make the guacamole right in front of you!

IMG_6726 IMG_6725

So yeah, that concludes my South Beach recap which is funny because I thought I had more pictures to share than I did.
I guess, that is what happens when you normally post 100 pictures a post.

Anyway, it's so crazy that Thanksgiving is this week.
My job is awesome and let's us out tomorrow at noon and then we're off Thursday and Friday which I'm so excited for!
I think I should also mention that this year flew so quickly and I know I say that every year but it really has flown.
I hope that you all have wonderful Thanksgivings! ♥


  1. Lovely Pics; those palm trees are making me day dream.I wish I was in Hawaii right now because our weather has not been great too...:-)
    The year has really flown by but I'm glad the holiday season is here.

    Happy thanksgiving in advance.

  2. This place reminds me of Jamaica. You look so beautiful.

  3. Enjoyed the photos! Have a happy Thanksgiving!

  4. What a fun trip. Can't wait for you to recap your next one.
    Love Rosa Mexicana. They have one in DC and I love their guacamole. Now, you're making me crave it! You know you shouldn't do that to a pregnant woman :-P.

  5. I need your camera. Takes the best pictures!!!!

  6. Enjoy your Thanksgiving Break. MJ gets a half day. I'm jealous of both of you. I'm counting down the hours though.

  7. Can I just have those amazing turquoise chairs for my house?

  8. FINALLY! just kidding :)

    Love all the pictures and you look fab per usual! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

  9. Hope you guys had a wonderful holiday!


  10. buzz bar!! ohmygosh, that sounds awesome! :)


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