Monday, January 19, 2015

Noa's Ark Birthday Party ♥

I can’t believe that my niece is 2 years old. It is crazy to me how quickly time is flying. The fact that she is talking and holding conversations kinda weirds me out ;). But seriously, she really seems like a little girl vs. a little baby now. The difference from her 1st birthday party to this recent one is astounding. I love the fact that I am going to see her grow into the wonderful person I know she is already.

My sister Emma is very creative when it comes to throwing parties. This year it was Noa’s Ark. Noa is a lover of animals which is the cutest thing! So that was the theme. There were stuffed animals everywhere, zebra print balloons, and Emma went even farther to ask all females to wear hair bows and for the males to wear bowties. I’m sure you know the story of Noah’s Ark so I won’t go into that further. But it was really cute!

Alrighty, enough of my babbling. I’m sure you just want to see pictures.

If you can't tell, I really thought the cake was gorgeous.
It was super delicious too!

There was a kids table with bubbles, crayons and coloring books.
She was eyeing the cupcakes. She reached out for one. And then got caught by mama. It was so fun to watch!


Brittany said...

Oh my gosh. What an absolutely beautiful birthday party!!! Her cake...some serious heart eyes over here. And her little tutu, so cute! Happy Birthday sweet girl!

Law_Fal said...

Soooo gorgeous!!! Very pretty cake and great theme.

Bethany Carson said...

Happy birthday to Noa! Looks like a wonderful party! The cake and decorations are beautiful.

Beauty said...

It was such a colorful and beautiful party for such a pretty girl with a cute name. Your sister and her husband make such a cute couple too.
Have a great week.

Ayesha Charlton said...

Noa is just...GAHHHH Can I have her???

Seriously your sister rocks at this stuff! She should start an event planning company. Hey, if she does...I only want recognition. No percentage required =D Ok lemme stop with the shenanigans. But for real though, it looks so fun and well put together. And yes, the cake! ADORE!!!!


two birds said...

What an impressive birthday! How fun. And your niece is so darling!

Joy B. E. said...

Oh how beautiful! Everything turned out so nice! Happy Birthday Noa Grace!!!

Christelle said...

Your sister did a fantastic job, again!! Such an adorable party...and your niece is just the cutest!

You mean to tell me THE BIRTHDAY GIRL couldn't snag one of her own birthday cupcakes?!?! HOW RUDE!! Hahahaha (I would've tried, too) ;)

Dee said...

Great pictures of the family. What a cool party and that cake... very pretty. Your niece looks so adorable in her little tutu, too. Happy Birthday, Noa!

Kristen said...

Beyond adorable! And such a creative take on the Noah's Ark theme!

Heather said...

What a cute party! I absolutely love this theme, especially since it ties in with her name. :)

EmilyJane said...

AWE! I love the "Noah's (but Noa's) ark theme" so cute! Your sister did a fabulous job on all the decor and food! I'm glad you had a sweet time. And she is adorable!

Ashley R said...

This is so adorable and creative! Your sister has a gorgeous little family.

K&R said...

ok seriously noa is the cutest thing in the world. what a beautiful family. i love these pictures!

Pegster said...

Wow, your sister did amazing job with the party. Bravo. Loved seeing the pic of your family.

Happy 2nd birthday Noa Grace

Tomes Edition said...

Extremely creative and captured very well. That cake looks yummy.

Mrs. Pancakes said... creative. happy birthday to your niece!!

Perfectly Imperfekt Me, aka Maya D. said...

Noah's Ark... such a cute party theme. She did a great job with the decor, you have a beautiful family.

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Maria said...

ohmygoodness, everything is so magical and pretty!! the cake and cupcakes - ahhh!!! noa is stunning!! your whole family is! i love that you capture all of these moments! happy birthday to your sweet niece! xoxox

Kathy C said...

Beautiful party! And Noa is even more beautiful than the last time I saw her. She's getting so big!

mark lawrence said...

Beautiful birthday pictures!! Birthday girl is looking so pretty and gorgeous. I must say your sister had arranged a fabulous party. I believe she is a hard worker and a good party planner. Isn’t it so?

Sabrina Klose said...

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Irene Bator said...
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