Monday, May 18, 2015

Beaching & Brunching - the two perfect B's.

This weekend called for thunderstorms, then rain and then thunderstorms again but it was going to be in the 80s. We decided that we were not going to let the weather control what we did and decided to just brave it and head to the beach anyway. It didn’t rain but it was not in the 80s, that’s for sure. More like the mid 60s. The water was too cold to even put our feet in and we learned that Walker might not be the friendliest when he sees strangers and dogs he does not know.

He barked in a way we’ve never seen before and we quickly whisked him away back to the car. Poor dog is so extra protective of us that anyone who comes near us can’t be trusted. Since Izabella loves every and anyone we allowed her to play on the beach for a little while. It was rather relaxing to walk up and down the beach with Sean, talk and make plans for our summer.

Even though the weather was not ideal beach weather it still felt great to be at my happy place.
IMG_9895 IMG_9910
IMG_9919 IMG_9899
IMG_9902 IMG_9901
IMG_9924 IMG_9917
On Sunday, I headed out to brunch at The Hamilton. It was pretty amazing. These doughnuts with the caramel sauce. Man, if it were allowed (by me) I would eat it all day, every day. So, so good. Cinthia and I both decided to go with the fried chicken and waffles and it was a great choice. The chicken was not too greasy and perfectly crispy.

It was delicious and if you haven’t already tried the combination, give it a go. It is rather good!

IMG_9946 IMG_9956
IMG_9948 IMG_9950
Then we goofed off and took a few pictures.
It was fun.
IMG_9967 IMG_9968
I’m excited for this week. Sean’s parents are coming up on Thursday and we’re doing our yearly AC trip. It will be Sean’s mom’s first time seeing our new house so Sean is very excited to show her the house. This coming weekend is looking to be exciting as I’ll also be doing a music festival and I can’t wait for that. But mostly because I was told that my favorite corn will be there. And if you read my blog last summer you know that I was slightly obsessed.

I hope that you all have wonderful weeks and that you had great weekends.
xoxo ♥


Joy B. E. said...

What a lovely weekend! You look great! Your hair is really growing. Have you flat ironed it since you started your natural hair journey?

Joy B. E. said...

What a lovely weekend! You look great! Your hair is really growing. Have you flat ironed it since you started your natural hair journey?

EmilyJane said...

Beautiful photographs. I'm sorry Walker didn't do so good at the beach. Fried chicken and waffles (and those doughnut thingy-s) sound delicious!

& why do I have friends who hate brunch and their picture being taken ?! lol

ANYWAY, can't wait to hear about your trip to Atlantic City, and for Sean's mom to see your beautiful home.

Law_Fal said...

I love a good brunch! I also wish our beach was as picturesque. If you want hot weather, I can always send you some from Houston. We already have too much.. you can have some humidity too ;-)

Ayesha Charlton said...

Oh poo! Walker missed out but I think he'll grow out of it soon.

The beach is just the bestest...yes I know it's not a to be like ALWAYS! Even when it rains. Sorry, it's the islander in me.

Donuts and fried chicken and drinks. Can they all just get in my belly?? Please? =D

As always, beautiful photos.


Heather said...

I'm glad that despite the cold weather, you still had fun at the beach! Have a wonderful time with Sean's parents this weekend!

Dee said...

Faith, you look so pretty in your pics. I loved both of those cute dresses. It makes me want to go shopping since I'm always in jeans and t-shirts.

I had chicken and waffles once and it was so delicious. I always enjoy donuts so that's a great combination. Have fun with the fam this weekend... :)

Laura Darling said...

Glad you had fun at the beach! Donuts and caramel sauce sounds amazing!

Mrs. Pancakes said...

looks like the perfect weekend! I also love the beach and i really do want to live closer to it someday..and those chicken and waffles are on my to-do list this summer! You are lovely lady!

Joy said...

I am glad I stopped over here. Lovely pictures of you and everything!

Nerline Germain said...

You look so beautiful, Faith!
These images are just to gorgeous.
Have a wonderful weekend my friend!