Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Insert pictures of Sean and his mom smiling here.

Ever since I started dating Sean we go to Atlantic City with my in-laws. When we talked about it we were all surprised that it was our eighth year doing this. It started out as a little trip we did for Sean's birthday but then decided that going in February was just not as fun, so we started going during the warmer seasons. Much better decision for all of us.

This year, Sean's mom was very adamant that she was going to go through her chemo-therapy and make our annual trip to AC. She said that her first drink after chemo-therapy was going to be with us and it was going to be a pina colada.

And when she completed her sessions of chemo-therapy we made sure to schedule our annual trip immediately.

While we were deciding on dates Sean mentioned that he could not wait to take pictures with his mom. If you know Sean you know that, that type of statement is very unlike him. But after the year we've had it's hard to take the time you have with your family for granted so I got it, and obviously you know I was all for it being the picture taking freak I am.

Sean's parents arrived Thursday evening and since it was Sean's mom's first time seeing our house they came upstairs first to get a little tour of our house.

Then my mom called so I picked up the call and Sean and his parents headed outside to bring in their things.

Within a few minutes, Sean's mom had fallen on our concrete stairs right onto her forehead. Sean's mom has MS so sometimes she thinks she's moving but she really isn't. This time she thought her legs were moving but they weren't. It was strange that before my mother in law fell my mom causally mentioned in her phone call that she had been praying for my mother in law all day. I truly believe that because my mom was saying prayers for my mother in law she was not as injured as she could have been.

Her forehead produced a bump and it began to bruise right away. We were very nervous but she kept saying that she was fine and refused to go to the hospital. We couldn't make her, unfortunately, and we just kept a close eye on her.

The next day her left eye was black and blue and by the following day she had two black eyes. She went to the ER after some convincing from Sean and luckily she was just fine. Just badly bruised, her face and her ego.

Sean's mom even asked Sean to say when others were around, "Lady, shut it up or I'll match your other eye". Yeah, maybe not too funny (it was) but it's Sean's mom's sense of humor and Sean was a little too happy to oblige.

We did not get any pictures with her this weekend because, well, you know. But we had a great time together like we always do.

Icing on the cake is that she got her bone scan that weekend and she is in the clear. Cancer free, thank you Jesus!

Here are some pictures of our weekend:

We stopped to listen to this band sing some cover songs.
They were pretty good so it ended by me being dragged away by Sean with promises of Ritas.
This is how I usually am.
Hookah on the Broadwalk.
And some random shots I took.
Delicious nachos & tacos for dinner.
I did not take as many as I thought I would but something is better than nothing, right?
I hope you all had wonderful weekends! ♥


Law_Fal said...

I'm glad the fall wasn't as bad as it could've been. Thank God for that!! Atlantic City looks like such a fun place to visit!!!

Joy B. E. said...

I hope Seans's mom is doing better. So glad to read the news of her recovery.
Love the good pics as always :-). You look great! How are you able to eat and still stay trim? I need to know your secret

Joy B. E. said...

I hope Seans's mom is doing better. So glad to read the news of her recovery.
Love the good pics as always :-). You look great! How are you able to eat and still stay trim? I need to know your secret

EmilyJane said...

Your mother is a remarkable person. I am so glad to hear that Sean's mom was ultimately okay.

""Lady, shut it up or I'll match your other eye"" <-- LOL! I'm glad she could have a good sense of humor about it. I'm sure they horrified at least a couple people ;)

The photographs are beautiful, and I'm glad you had fun.

Heather said...

I'm so glad Sean's mom wasn't more severely injured. It's wonderful that you all share in this annual tradition.

Cece said...

In the grand scheme of things that fall and bump was like a little blip in the radar for her. She is one TOUGH lady and she was going to have her trip. She deserves it!! Aside from that, glad everything else went good. You will have to do it up big with the camera next time he and his mom are together. I love it that you do this yearly trip. We are taking our mom's with us on our next vacation! First time ever.