Wednesday, January 18, 2017

January 18th.

(Picture taken a day after my actual birthday)

When you’re born you are hit with a date that becomes the most important date in your life. The day you were born. As you get older other dates become imprinted in your mind; your parent’s and sibling's birth dates. Soon your friends and significant others birth dates become important to you. You get older and soon it's anniversary dates, wedding dates, birth dates of your children that become important as well. Then the date of when someone you love passed on. Dates become important aspects of our lives and today is one of those dates for me. January 18. I remember the day so clearly and can’t believe that a year has already passed. It was the first time that I would spend more than a few hours in a hospital.

The date is also scary to me because it could have also been the date I passed on but that wasn’t the way my story was to end.

January 18th shaped me more than any date to date and re-directed a path that I thought I would be heading.

I hope that soon January 18th won’t be the day that marks the day a dream of mine ended but a day that marks a beginning of something greater than I ever could have imagined.

In a way, January 18th is a new birth date to me. The date I was given a second chance. And every day I have to ensure that this second chance was not wasted on me. I have a responsibility that I may not even know about right now, but I’m working towards it and when it all becomes clear I’ll know that what began January 18th was not all for nothing.

Because we all know the saying, everything happens for a reason.


Emily Jane said...

I still remember the voice mail you left me, and than calling you from work. I remember how scared I felt for you and praying you'd be okay, and instinctively felt you'd be alright. Here you are a year later. I love you Faith <3

Desiree Macke said...

A year?! Wow.
It's a fresh beginning for you. You have the canvas and tools to create something extraordinary and beautiful with all that's out there for you!

Cece @Mahogany Drive said...

It must be mind boggling to think of what you were dealing with this time last year. So amazing that you got that second chance. Happy 2nd Birthday!!

Joy B. E. said...

Everything does happen for a reason. I am thankful to God for your second chance.

Law_Fal said...

Amen. This was such a scary time not knowing what was going on and just hoping and praying that you'd be ok. Life is so crazy. One thing is for sure, you must have some super major purpose left in this world that's going to be so big and important that when it finally happens it's going to be like ohhhh that's why. :) Love you!!!!!!

Carla said...

Yes, everything truly does happen for a reason. Sometimes it's not always clear what that reason is, but that's where true faith and trusting in God comes in. Blessings to you, hun! You've got this.

Jasmine Duffy said...

I just caught up on your story. What a process! You're so strong!

Pegster said...

Wow Faith, I love your perspective on things. So true, the day you were given a second chance. Cheers to new beginnings and so thankful for this blessing and new take on life.

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