Monday, January 30, 2017

2016 in Review.

I figured that I get this post up today before January is officially over. When I began drafting this post I thought this wasn't going to be a fun year to recap but to be honest it wasn’t entirely bad because I survived it. I cried (a lot) but I also laughed. I traveled to new places and created new memories, both good and bad. I loved on my family, friends, fur-babies and my husband. I lived.

Here’s my recap of 2016; the year that nearly broke me.


Started off pretty good as I celebrated the soon arrival of my dear friend's daughter.

IMG_5338 IMG_5319

And before I knew it I was spending 12 days in the hospital. I still did manage to keep a smile on my face.


When Sean's birthday rolled around, I was not allowed to drive (or lift over 10 lbs) so I reached out to my girlfriends to see if they had any ideas of what I could do at home for Sean that did not involve me driving or moving about. I was blown away when they took it upon themselves to do this for me. And Sean absolutely loved it. It was so fun to surprise him with this.

IMG_5449 IMG_5450

On this day (picture below) I could not wait to get out of the house. I had not been out of the house except for follow up with my doctors for one month. I did not realize how much effort it would take and I didn't last long outside but I remember feeling really good to just be outside. If you look closely you can see how big my left leg still looked compared to my right.


I remember this day pretty clearly. I was feeling pretty down so Sean convinced me to take a walk with him around our neighborhood. I didn't want to because I still had pain when I walked but he said that we could walk as slow as I liked. I finally agreed. He even brought my camera along that way I could feel like myself and snap some pictures along the way. I took this one of him (trying to make me laugh) and it'll always remind me of what a great person I married.


My first time out to an event (since January) was for my sister's birthday! It was such a good day. I was feeling healthier, was walking better and was able to sit for a longer period of time. I wasn't able to go to the mall with my sisters afterward but I still considered the day a big success.




We had our first date night this night and it was fun until my left leg began to swell so badly that we had to leave and get home. I lasted less than 2 hours without my compression stocking. I'm not going to lie, I was so bummed out.

Our friends came to visit us and it was so nice to have them.

IMG_5824 IMG_5864

Began feeling better enough to buy flowers for the house!
This was a BIG deal that day, haha.

IMG_5953 IMG_5975


On our first Mother's Day without my mom, we went to visit my mom's grave for the first time since she passed away. We decided to do something fun as a family afterwards. We decided on bowling and what began as a terribly sad day ended up being a day filled with lots of laughter and love.


I also took pictures for my sister's pregnancy announcement.

IMG_6259 IMG_6204

We visited Chicago for the first time where I met a blog friend that I've been following for years!

IMG_6685 IMG_6695
IMG_6556 IMG_6636


My sister graduated from college :)

IMG_7014 IMG_7061

Visited Colleen for the weekend.

IMG_6821 IMG_6822


Celebrated July 4th with my sister!

IMG_7113 IMG_7118

Threw a summer BBQ which I hope to make an annual thing.


Went to California!



My sister came to PA for the weekend.
Love that she visited me so often in 2016 :)

IMG_7626 IMG_7642

Threw my sister a baby shower.

IMG_7858 IMG_7836


Met my new nephew and fell in love ♥


Winery visits always a favorite!

IMG_7942 IMG_7940


Celebrated my birthday in Atlantic City.


Took "I am 2!" pictures for my friend's daughter.

IMG_0973 IMG_1100

Attended a one year memorial service for my mom.

IMG_0693 IMG_0709

Went to the city for the weekend with my college girlfriends.

IMG_8394 IMG_8391


Celebrated our 7 year wedding anniversary in NYC.

IMG_0841 IMG_0872


Decorated my favorite ever Christmas tree.


Visited Colleen for the weekend :)

IMG_1702 IMG_1707

Spent Christmas with my in-laws.


Rang in the new year!

Thanks for following along in 2016.
Praying that 2017 is not only kind to me but to you as well.
Once again, Happy New Year! ♥


Laura Darling said...

What a year you had! You overcame so much and I'm so impressed you still have a smile on your face!! :) I hope 2017 is a great one for you!!

Desiree Macke said...

2016 threw you some pretty big curve balls, but you handled it all with such grace.
Cheers to 2017. I hope it's the best year, yet!

Law_Fal said...

Cheers to 2017!!! I hope January has been good to you!

doll (retired blogger) said...

What a year... all is well that ends well and seems like you had a couple of highs

I pray 2017 is the best you have had yet

Maureen S. said...

I'm so glad you did a recap. You can easily see how things can change from one moment to the next, but you still are so blessed with family, friends and a bright smile! Your selfie at the end is gorgeous!! :)

Emily Jane said...

This is just so LIFE though. Good and bad (truly terrible at times) all sprinkled together. I do pray you have a rejuvenating 2017 however. I feel you need a break from the last 2 years.

Cece @Mahogany Drive said...

What a year!! Looks kind of like it was a mixed bag of good and bad, but you are still here, and still smiling so I'd say you came out on top.

Jasmine Duffy said...

You had QUITE the year! I hope 2017 continues to bring you health and happiness! (and travel because it's so fun!)

Pegster said...

AHHHHHHHH I made it on your year recap, seriously put the biggest smile on my face Faith. Our meeting in Chicago was totally one of the highlights of my year.

This was such a great recap. despite all the trials, tribulations and heartache, it was so nice to see so many happy faces, your sis announcement, your nephew's arrival and your family together stronger than ever.

I really enjoyed this post Faith and I love that I was able to follow along this crazy rollercoaster of a journey you were on in 2016. Cheers to 2017