Monday, November 13, 2017

Birthday fun in the fall

The night before my birthday, Sean and a few of his co-workers had plans to go to the city to have some good ole fun at Dave & Busters. Sean asked for me to come along and I of course did not say no. We took the train into the city and I had a good time getting to know Sean’s co-workers during the train ride. We had dinner and then spent the next several hours playing games, running around like kids and getting as many tickets as we could. Sean and I ended up giving all our "earned" tickets to a little girl who excitedly exclaimed that it was her birthday. Of course, I told her that all the best girls are born in October ;). It was seriously such a good time and something I wish we did more of.

When it was time to head back to the train, the clock had already struck midnight which meant that it was my birthday. I could not think of a better place to spend my last day as a 34 year old and my first day as a 35 year old. There is truly no place like home and no matter where I go, I truly believe that the city is my home. Who knows? Maybe I’ll end up back here one day.


A few weeks, prior to my birthday, Sean asked me what I wanted to do on my birthday and my response was to take pictures of some foliage. You see, I don’t ask for much ;). So we agreed that we’d do the short drive to Jim Thorpe. Initially, I wanted to do their fall festival after Laura suggested it in her comment on this post but the days it fell on did not work for us. I still decided that I wanted to do the drive even though we couldn't be there for their festival. Sadly, due to the unseasonably warm weather the leaves were still muted and not as vibrant as I would have liked but I still had a great time and couldn’t be happier or feel more blessed to welcome another year of life.

IMG_9326 IMG_9330


He always looks so serious.

IMG_9351 IMG_9352


IMG_9365 IMG_9363


IMG_9384 IMG_9376


IMG_9387 IMG_9401


IMG_9390 IMG_9389


IMG_9413 IMG_9430


IMG_9420 IMG_9415


IMG_9425 IMG_9448


We ended my birthday with dinner at Molly MaGuire's. My crab dip was mediocre but our dinner was pretty good.

IMG_9436 IMG_9444

Overall, it was a great way to bring in my 35th year and I'm really thankful that I was given another year.
I hope you all had great weekends and have wonderful weeks! ♥


  1. Blessed Birth Anniversary Faith!! So happy to hear you enjoyed and had a great time at Dave and Busters.

  2. First of all you're cute as hell. Secondly, that is the biggest Walgreens I've ever seen in my life. Anywayyyy... I'm glad you were able to spend your birthday in the city. I'd love to even see New York someday.

    Well despite it not being all orange, red, and yellow, it still looks like a beautiful place/town. When I think of towns on the East coast that is what I always imagine in my head.

  3. Bummer that the leaves weren't as vibrant as usual! I feel like due to all the weird weather this fall, they went from green to blah, boring brownish yellow in a matter of days. I told Matt instead of beautiful leaves this year, everything looks like rotten banana peels! :) Glad you still had a nice time though! Maybe next year you can make it to their fall festival!

    Dave and Busters sounds so fun too. I'm sure that little girl was so thrilled to receive those tickets!

    Have a great year!! :)

  4. It all sounds like such a great way to ring in another trip around the sun!
    And that little town - ohmygosh - is it real?! It looks like something right out of a movie.


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