Thursday, December 6, 2018

Holiday Cheer in the City


Several weekends ago, we took Sean’s parents to the city to watch the Rockettes. When Sean’s mom was ten years old she went with her grandmother to watch the Rockettes and she said that she told herself that when she got older she was going to go again. Ever since I’ve been with Sean (which is almost 12 years now) I’ve heard her say that this is going to be the year. Well, those years have passed and she had not done it. So after convincing Sean a bit we decided that this year we were taking her.

Although I grew up in the city I’ve never had a desire to see the Rockettes. One of those things like if you live there it isn’t that big of a deal. The show was fun and entertaining and I think everyone should do it at least once in their life but my most favorite part was watching Sean’s mom. She was soooo excited and even before the show began she was taking video. That made the experience so much more enjoyable and we’ve decided that we would do something like this each year. The city around this time of year is an amazing experience so we will try to do a different show every year and I’m really looking forward to it.

Please excuse these phone pictures during the show as cameras with removable lenses were not allowed
so I had to leave it in our car during the show.

Took these shots during our short walk from the car to Radio City.




Wish I could have captured how beautiful it is inside!



thumbnail_IMG_9048 thumbnail_IMG_9054




After the show we stopped at Bryant Park's winter village and it was so festive. There's ice skating which is free admission and there are plenty of vendors at its shops offering food and boutiques. We ate at The Lodge which is a new addition to Bryant Park and it was lovely inside. I love how light filled it is. Anyway, if you get a chance to visit this time of year definitely do it!


IMG_8383 IMG_8384


IMG_8387 IMG_8386

How festive does she look?!


IMG_8398 IMG_8402


IMG_8404 IMG_8405




IMG_8410 IMG_8417

IMG_8420 IMG_8421


IMG_8433 IMG_8431


IMG_8437 IMG_8438


I hope you've all had a great week and that you have fabulous weekends! ♥


  1. These pictures; they are making me miss NYC at this time of year. Rockefeller Plaza and the lighting of the Christmas tree was always something to look forward to, if I didn't freeze my butt off. We tried iceskating with the kids once when they were younger. It was so cold and the lines were so long I don't think we ever made it to the ice. Good times. NYC will always have a piece of my heart.

    1. Christmas in NYC is the best even with the cold. The only time of the year that I think the cold is bearable, haha.

      Yeah, the lines are so long but I don't care to ice-skate at all but do enjoy watching others do it.

      I agree, no matter where I go NYC is always my favorite place :)

  2. I love all of this so much! We go to the city every year for all the festive fun but I don't think we'll make it this year. How special you took her and she had so much fun! Sierra Beautifully Candid

    1. Me too! I always enjoy reading your blog posts during this time of year. You'll go next year and it'll be even more special with your new addition :)

      She had such a great time and I love that we were able to do that with and for her.

  3. This post makes me so exited for the city. I'll be visiting next weekend!

    1. I'm excited for you! I hope you have the best time. Can't wait to read your post about it!

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  5. I could SWEAR that I commented on this. Maybe I did mentally? Maybe blogger hates me, idk. Anyway, I thought it was so sweet you did all this for Sean's mom! Sometimes it's fun to do cheesy holiday things, that you wouldn't normally do otherwise. Get's you in the holiday spirit.

    1. Haha, Blogger is the worst so I wouldn't be surprised, lol.

      And yes completely agree. It was so cheesy but it made Sean's mom so happy! I'm looking forward to doing the city with her every year! :)


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