Thursday, October 11, 2018

Paris: Tour of Chateau de Versailles


Our last full day in Paris was probably the most eventful of them all.
I was so excited as we were touring Chateau de Versailles. The beauty. Just wow. My pictures do it absolutely no justice.

When we had boarded our plane to head back home, Sean asked me what my favorite memory was. I had to think for a minute and then I said that it was when we were exploring the grounds at Versailles and it began to rain. Sean would point out a pillar and then we would dash from pillar to pillar to avoid getting soaked but of course we were not successful. And then out of the blue we saw golf carts that we could rent just when we were about to give up exploring further. After finding the golf carts we were able to see so much more of the grounds which we would not have been able to do while on foot. Getting soaked as we ran from pillar to pillar, riding around in a golf cart while we laughed our behinds off … that was my most favorite memory in Paris.



IMG_7085 IMG_7086


IMG_7088 IMG_7092


IMG_7094 IMG_7097


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IMG_7134 IMG_7137

A stop at Angelina's for some macarons.


Then we were off to explore the stunning gardens.


IMG_7145 IMG_7148


Sean pretending he's the ruler of the castle :)


IMG_7160 IMG_7158




IMG_7165 IMG_7167






IMG_7198 IMG_7197


IMG_7175 IMG_7225


IMG_7204 IMG_7202






After touring Chateau de Versailes we went back to get ready for our last dinner/night in Paris. It’s a complete understatement when I say that we were just not ready for this trip to end. It could possibly be that we lost two days but I was sad to have this trip come to an end. Sean was craving some spaghetti so we had our last dinner at a tiny restaurant called Pizzeria Positano. Our food was delicious and the perfect meal to end our last night. We walked around and popped in and out of bars.


thumbnail_IMG_7600 thumbnail_IMG_7554



We had great drinks at Le Purdey (although the bartender wasn’t the friendliest), visited The Moose (amazing bartenders but the one who stands out the most is the one who said that she hoped our flight was cancelled so that we could have another day in Paris) and Little Big Bear which was literally across the street from our hotel but we never checked out until the last night. Not exactly sure why we waited until the last night but we had the best night here. We ended up meeting a couple that was from Rochester NY and we ended up talking the entire night. We exchanged numbers and Facebook information too!


We luckily had a late checkout the following morning which thank goodness we did because it was a struggle to get up. We decided to have our last meal at Relais Odeon and I feel like we left with quite the bang. To say that this trip has opened up our eyes a bit more about travel and how we would like to travel in the future is a bit of an understatement.


IMG_7242 IMG_7245

We were told over & over that the French do not like Americans. Well, we found that to be absolutely untrue with our experience. For three months before we left for our trip I focused on learning as much French as I possibly could. And it completely helped to make our experience one that we would soon not forget. I found that if you attempted to speak French and were polite (immediate greeting of Bonjour, Bonsoir, etc) the French opened up rather easily and would do what they could to help you whether it was ordering a meal, needing directions, recommendations, etc. So being polite everywhere goes a long way.

This is my last post of Paris and I hope you enjoyed my recap as much as I enjoyed sharing it. Au Revoir!


  1. I didn't make it to Versailles because it was just too damn cold. Spaghetti in Paris. Hmm, glad it was good. I would've been too scared to try it. LOL! All I was craving was duck, escargot and bouillabaisse and of course wine! LOL! I need to go back in the spring when it's nice out.
    We met so many nice Parisians. I think the Americans that say the French don't like us are probably rude AF to them.
    Your pics are great!

    1. Yeah, doing it in the cold would def. not be fun! Haha, it was really good actually. I never thought about not having spaghetti in Paris ... to me it's the same as having spaghetti in America, lol. Yes, the wine .. give me all the wine! I can't wait to go back again but it'll be a little while as we have to hit up more places on our list.

      I completely agree! If you're rude that's the same treatment you'll receive.

      Thank you! :) Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  2. These are beautiful pictures. I want to go to paris!

    1. Thank you so much! Well, now that you've put it out into the universe it's going to happen!

  3. It looks so beautiful there! I know what you mean about pictures not doing it justice. That's how I felt when we visited the Vatican. Yours are still amazing though. We didn't come across anyone being mean to Americas in Paris itself, but when we traveled to Normandy and other small towns that weren't as tourist populated, it was very different. Still great places to explore and I would go back for sure! Sierra Beautifully Candid

    1. It really was so beautiful. I cannot get over how intricate everything is! Thank you!! Different as in they were rude?

  4. Beautiful photos! And I LOVE your white jumpsuit. These photos got me excited to sort through and post my Vatican photos from Rome! I soo hope to make it to Paris someday. <3

    1. Thank you so much two times, haha :)

      I'm loving your pictures that you're sharing on your blog too. Looks like such a dream honeymoon! I hope to make it to Rome someday!

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  6. I don't recall WHAT all I said on this post, since blogger decided to be a complete-and-total-hater, but I do remember saying how gorgeous your photos were. How beautiful the gardens and interiors were. (legit can't get over it! people spent most of their LIVES making such gorgeous places).

    I also wondered what your pasta dish was?
    Hmm and I think I also said something about how those 2 days will be made up to you, somehow, some way :) <3 and that I foresee more trips to Europe in your future.

    1. Hahahaha! Blogger you stink.

      I know ... it's amazing to me to think that people put so much time into creating these incredibly beautiful places.

      My pasta dish was a combination of seafood ... so there was shrimp, calamari, oysters, etc. It was delicious. Sean had a simple dish (pasta bolognese) but it was so incredibly good.

      I really hope so! :)

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