Monday, September 22, 2014

South Beach ♥

The following day Sean and I woke up late again. But that's OK because we're on vacation.
Don't tell Eric and Colleen though because they can go to bed at 3 in the morning and wake up chipper at 7am. No thank you.

Colleen, we ignored those early wake up calls because, no, just no.
We just don't work like that at. all. That morning we did breakfast separately.

We woke up around 10am and once we were ready for the day we headed to 8th and Ocean to get some food.
I cannot recall the name of the restaurant but our food was delicious!
Sean's drink was better than mine and like a true gentleman he gave me his drink; minus the beers of course.

IMG_6547 IMG_6550
After breakfast we took a little walk around.
It was bike week so bikes were everywhere.
And those palm trees. I just want to hug them.
Palm tree hugger.
IMG_6558 IMG_6561
IMG_6573 IMG_6575
And because cars like these are everywhere in South Beach.
And because Sean requested I take a picture.
About 3 hours later I received a phone call from Colleen requesting that we meet up and enjoy the rest of the day together.
More pictures to come because that was a fun day. Quick rain-storm and all!


Tomes Edition said...

Enjoy your vacay, its time to relax and have a fab time, no need to wake up early. Food looks delicious.

Dee D said...

That breakfast looked delicious and that car at the end looked even better... WOW. I love that black and white picture of you, too. You look so glam... :)

Bethany Carson said...

The waffles look all the palm trees! Looks like a very pleasant place to spend a vacation!

Law_Fal said...

One perk of my vacays is definitely the option of sleeping in late if need be!

LaToya LouisvilleSlugger said...

I've ate at that restaurant also, and I cannot remember the name. lol.

Beautiful pics... they make me so excited to go back. We are promising to go with friends next year, as my husband has NEVER gone.

LaToya LouisvilleSlugger said...

I have eaten. :)

Georgina Castellucci said...

OMG at the vividity of these photos! I love each and every one :)
Sometimes people just need to sleep in on vaca, glad Colleen understands (and cannot wait to see more photos!) xo

Cece said...

Lot's of rich folks in South Beach. Those cars and I bet those motorcycles are really expensive (I just know nothing about motorcycles). It's so hard to get up early on vacation. I don't blame ya one bit!!

Heather said...

Hi Faith! I hope you're having a great vacation!
My name is Heather and I was wondering if you would be willing to answer my question about your blog! My email is Lifesabanquet1 AT gmail DOT com :-) I greatly appreciate it!

cashanamusings said...

All those bikes! My goodness... Great pictures.

Life with J and J said...

Yummy waffles!!! I want!

How nice of Sean to let you have his drink! Pictures are beautiful as always.

Vett Vandiver said...

these photos could all be post cards, fabulous!!

Maureen S. said...

You look great in your black and white photo! What's the lady in the bikini top doing/reaching for? I felt like chuckling at the pic of the man in shorts on roller blades. I'm not sure why, but it made me smirk! Lol. I'm glad you enjoyed your time and hope your are doing well. :)

Whitney Cypert said...

Those waffles! Oh my goodness, making my mouth water. Garrett and I don't do late nights paired with early mornings either. No, thanks.

South Beach is so gorgeous and you did such a great job capturing it all.

Nancy said...

The money in South Beach is unbelievable! Look at that car! Such a beautiful place.
I've only driven through & flown into. I need to travel with you.

High Heels & Good Meals! said...

Gotta LOVE South Beach! Next time come visit Jacksonville so we can meet! Great pics!