Tuesday, May 4, 2010

I am legally Mrs. B!!!

The hubs and I decided over the wknd that it was about time that I became Mrs. B. (I mean, come on now ... Thursday will be our 6 month anniversary!) In my defense, we had our honeymoon a month and a half after the wedding and we traveled to Mexico on March 31st so we didn't want to spend $$ to get me a new passport. So I kinda held off on changing it right away. As of yesterday, I am no longer my father's child :( Ok ... I am a bit dramatic.

Feel free to call me Mrs. B from now on! ;)


Melissa said...

Yay congrats! :D

I changed my name a month after the wedding. I wanted to do it sooner, but I couldn't leave work (summer camp director) early to get to the SS office after being out for 2 weeks for the wedding and honeymoon!

redwhitebride said...

congrats mrs. b!!! :)

My Dream Ring said...

Its about time ;) LMAO!!! CONGRATS!! Mrs. B!! It felt great didn't it?

p.s. It was sooooooo hard giving those CL's up but the iPad is so worth it! I love it, it does everyhing but fold my laundry, lol!

Lovelace Files said...

haha... 6 months later?!
haha... congrats Mrs.B! Now go practice your official new signature! :)

Amy said...

Hurray for Mrs. B!!!

sonya said...

Awwwe, yay for MRS. B!!! I can't wait to become Mrs. P!