Sunday, May 2, 2010

Marriages That Last (Pt 1)

Last Sunday, my husband and I were thrilled when our pastor told the congregation that the following week was going to begin four series on marriage. It was such a great sermon that I had to share a few things that our pastor covered. I am looking forward to the next three weeks and will continue to share until the series is done.

Big Idea: "Many marriages suffer not because of sinful attitudes, poor communication or lack of commitment, but simply because the couple had unrealistic expectations coming into it."

1.) Be realistic about meeting each other's needs.
2.) Be realistic about sexual fulfillment.
3.) Be realistic about individual differences.

"Happiness is reality divided by expectations"

I hope that this will bless someone as much as it blessed us.

Happy Sunday! :)


  1. Much appreciated info. I would love to hear the upcoming sermons.

  2. Sonya, I will be sure to document the upcoming sermons! :)

  3. Great info! I really hope you post the rest of it as you hear the sermons! :)


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