Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Top 2 Tuesday - Guilty Pleasures

1.) I am addicted to reality television. I enjoy mindless television. Why end my day watching the news and becoming miserable when I could watch Justin Bobby wear winter boots with shorts? (The Hills)

If you can make me laugh out loud just once, I will watch you again, and again, and again. Sad but true. I would give you a list of all the reality shows I watch religiously but that would be the longest post in blog history. But here is a few:

Millionaire Matchmaker

The Hills

The Real Housewives of NYC

Jersey Shore (yes, Jersey Shore)

2.) I love shopping for earrings! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it! No matter what, earrings will fit! It is the only time that shopping goes just as planned. I've never had to return earrings because they didn't fit right or because I've gained a few lbs. :)

All found here! Very, very inexpensive so that if you ever loose one, it didn't hurt your pockets.


  1. I'm an earring addict. So thanks for this post and the link, you're a rock star.
    Take Care, Lisa.

  2. I hate to admit it, but I love reality tv too...its a total train wreck. It's nice being away from tv...but i know when i get back to the states I'll catch up!

  3. Woo, Just Bobby! I was just getting ready to say "It's always nice to watch a train wreck!" but the person ahead beat me to it, lol.

    I love some reality TV, too.

    Those earrings are really pretty!

  4. Hi there, I LOVE earrings too! I make them and love designing my own styles.

    I saw you at Ruthy Ann's blog and glad I came over. Please come visit me too!

  5. Eve, I am loving your blog! You do amazing work!


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