Monday, June 14, 2010

Weekend Recap (Pt 2)

Sunday morning I woke up a bit groggy. I blame it on the Sangria. I couldn't get out of bed. The hubs likes for me to shower first because I take the longest. Um, hello ... I am a girl! He finally had to threaten to throw me off the bed. That was enough for me. I got up and got ready for our trip to Atlantic City. We have been going with Sean's parents for about two years now. It first started as a thing we do for Sean's birthday but this time around we decided to do it for Sean's step-dad's birthday. Sean's birthday is in February so I've only experienced Atlantic City in the dead of winter. This time around was a bit different because we were able to walk around the boardwalk and hang at the beach. It was beautiful weather this weekend at the Jersey Shore.

We stayed at Ballys and was greeted by this:

We laughed so hard. What a great sense of humor this old man has.

Sean's mom and pops decided to go to the Tropicana and we decided to go to Sammys Beach Bar. I had the best Shrimp Cesear Salad here. Yum!

My flexing husband :)

I am surprised I was smiling like this in this picture. The water was FREEZING & I wanted no part of it!

After the beach we walked the Boardwalk.

Did the real Caesar live here? No? Yea, I didn't think so ;)

We then met up with Sean's parents and watched a wanna be Elvis lead singer with his band. I have to admit, they were quite good!

After that we decided to walk back to our hotel and try our luck at Roulette and the slot machines. A strange thing happpened while we walked back. Since I am the papparazzi, I tend to always walk a few steps away from Sean. Not too far but I'm not exactly holding his hand. Lots of times black men do not think that Sean and I are together, let alone married. To be honest, I've been told that they wonder what a hot black chick (no, I do not call myself this ... I've been called this so many times and I do get annoyed because I would just love to be that hot chick) doing with that pale, freckled, white Irish man. Whatever.

Anywho, I noticed a young guy looking at me but I didn't pay too much attention to it because I have pictures to take. As I walked by I heard this guy say, "Thicker Than A Snicker". It took me a few minutes to realize what he just said. I was like, WHAT?! Hubby didn't catch on for a while. He got a little annoyed when he finally realized it but it was too late and I am glad it was too late! I kept on thinking in my head. Thicker Than A Snicker? Thicker Than A Snicker? Thicker Than A Snicker???!!! I called my little sister and she told me that I should be flattered because the term means that I am curvy in all the right places. Nope, I think this means that I have extra layers of fat in some places and I need to stop shoving red velvet cupcakes in my piehole. Who would have thought that the term Thicker Than A Snicker will make me want to start eating salads and stop munching Doritos? I should change my blog name to Thicker Than A Snicker!


After that episode we enjoyed a fun night with each other and lost a few bucks. When will I win some mula?

This morning we decided to check out Ballys pool. It is actually pretty nice and they have a patio deck that is a few steps from the pool that you can actually just lay out and enjoy the rays and check out the beautiful view.

Minus the Thicker Than A Snicker episode I had a GREAT weekend! I wish I could have every Monday off to do this! :)

Hope you all had perfect weekends too!

p.s. Welcome to my newest followers! :)


  1. Sounds like fun and that boardwalk looks really pretty!!

  2. First, I LOVE the new look! Is that from the new blogger templates?'re hot, people say such dumb things. :)

  3. Thanks Ruthy Ann! :)

    Yea, it is from the new blogger templates. I was getting bored with the other one so I decided to check out the new templates. They actually have a lot of neat ones!

  4. So glad you got to have a wonderful mini vaca with the hubby and the in-laws! Ain't it grand to marry into an awesome family?!?!

  5. Looks like a wonderful trip you had, and regardless of the snicker comment you guys did your thing. I'm in an interracial marriage as well, and I've gotten that look that says what are we both doing with each other. But we ignore it big time and enjoy each other all the more. :D

  6. I know that this is two years late but I died laughing at this post. "Thicker than a Snicker," the only people that are flattered by that comment are people that are super skinny. Rock your curves girl. I too love me some red velvet cupcakes!


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