Monday, July 12, 2010


Feel free to take off your stilettos. If you are wearing flats you can leave them on. Stilettos mess up our hardwood floors (at least that is what the hubs says) so unless you are leaving us a check ...

Would you care for something to drink during your tour of our little bungalow? No? Ok. Let me know if you get hungry or thirsty.

My husband mowed the lawn and cut the weeds because he knew you were coming.

This is our sunroom or our enclosed porch. It sounds so much nicer to say our sunroom.

Fresh flowers are always in our house

The pictures of the above vase reminds me that I didn't take any pictures of the dining room. I could do that right now but I am pretty lazy and don't want to charge my camera. I won't forget. I will take pictures of it soon and take you on another tour.

this is obviously our bathroom. the one & only. please, do not gasp.

our guest room. some decorating to be done in here. soon.

the office. you see that painting? that was one of the first gifts i ever bought my husband. he really wanted it for some odd reason & it wasn't cheap. i wanted to be that cool girlfriend & it was perfect for his bachelor pad so i bought it for him. we went back and forth on it & why it just wouldn't work in our office & him telling me why it would. you can see who won. i regret buying it for him, hahaha.

**hope you enjoyed the tour. still to come in the near future are pictures of the dining room, kitchen and our master bedroom. come back soon and we can have some drinks**


  1. Lovely, the living room looks very warm and cozy! Can't wait to see the rest.

  2. Your house is so cute! Thanks for the tour.

  3. Lovely!!! I'll visit if Im in the area :)

  4. Great tour! I love how you started right at the door. You guys are making home really nicely. I like the vase, the shower curtain and the guest bed, they're fantastic. And can I have a tiny taste of the Baileys Irish Cream. Just a little-'cause you know I got sugar :D Hahahaa

  5. Your house looks so quaint and comfy. I love it!

  6. Ohh I love the colors you used in your bathroom! Im thinking about using that color scheme for my new place, I can see it looks good! &That is so funny you regret buying the picture, ha!

    I'm a new follower just wanted to say hi!

  7. Hi EL! Thanks for following! :) Hahaha, I do regret buying the picture and as I type this the painting stares at me! :)

    Do you have a blog yourself?

  8. OMG Faith!!! Bravo! your little palace looks great! nice decor :)

  9. I am loving the decor in the new house!! Hahahahaa @ Tony Montano painting in the green room. My hubby will totally do the same...if i allowed it.

  10. OMG! FAITH!! We have a room dedicated to Scarface and all sorts of pictures! TOTALLY NOT my doing but I'm never in that room anyway and he's proud of it lol! What is it about Scarface?! haha =)

  11. HAHAHHAA, Ashley! That is hilarious!

  12. Don't you just love your sunroom!? That is something that I would love & enjoy I think!


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