Tuesday, July 13, 2010

i love him.

You know that marriage has made your husband comfortable when he has a mosquito bite in between his butt cheeks and proceeds to show you.

It is even funnier when you aren't at all weirded or grossed out and instead of saying, ewwww, I don't want to see inside your butt cheeks! you say, how in the world do mosquitoes get inside there?!

Yes, this really happened. I love us.


  1. hahaha naw this is just gorgeous!!!


  2. That's too cute! Not the butt cheeks of course....but the two of you.

  3. seriously...this is true love!

  4. Faith embarrassing I just spit my water out on my laptop and I have drool running down my shirt. I laughed so hard!! HAHAHAHAHA...Gotta love the hubs!

  5. omg, i can totally relate to this. i can't believe it but its true.

    (and thanks to those links at the bottom of your posts, i have spent waaay to much time at work reading many of your fabulous blogs!!) i love it

  6. I love how you love!
    I love my hubby that way, too. And I'm so thankful!


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