Monday, July 12, 2010

I've missed ya'll ...

I feel like I've been gone away for so long. I use to be a bad girl and spend my working hours blogging and checking out blogs. Now, I can't exactly do that so it sucks to log on after work and see all these posts from my favorite blogs that I haven't even read yet. Blah. I want to catch up but I follow tons of blogs so it kinda takes a loooooong time.

Anywho, this weekend was our housewarming party. What an incredible time was had. There was so much laughter, food, drinks and fun. We are so blessed to have such incredible friends and family. Here are some pictures of this weekend. After the fact I realized that I didn't take as many pictures of all of our friends who came and I kinda regret it now.

our friend traveled from Jersey with his amazing wife and gorgeous daughter. i love great friends!

my adorable little sister and I

great friends ♥

the new mom of the gorgeous little girl from Jersey.

I love these girls!

my other little sister and i. she is sooo funny! absolutely love her & the fact that she gave birth to the cutest little boy in the world!

my handsome husband and i ♥ he did such an amazing job grilling in the heat for all our friends. i was sometimes bad b/c it got a little hot next to the grill & i kinda went into the air conditioned house and chilled for more than a few minutes.

i told you it got a little hot. my oily face is proof.

Fella was wiped out from all the excitement in the house.

**it was a great weekend! hope you all had lovely weekends too!**


  1. Great pictures..I missed reading your posts!

  2. How Fun! Looks like a blast! Congrats on getting the house all squared away- you know I know how much work it takes (it's kinda my job) haha, anyway a HUGE congrats for all the efforts you two have put into your home. It's so fun reading your adventures!

  3. I love cook outs! Looks like you had a ball over there. I like your whole approah to married life, it's quite refreshing. :D all the best!


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